Stimulus Has Obscured The Health of Credit Assets: TCW's Rivelle - burst 4


Of a corrupt effort to aid one of trump's political allies in other words, another win for President Donald Trump to speak to all of these stories. Let's bring in Con- nowadays former corruption and fraud prosecutor for the US Attorney's office in the Southern District of New York. He's no partner at Venable LP CON. Thanks for joining. Let's begin with. The decision today, which is a win for president trump, and it's basically the dismissal of the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The decision may be appealed, but is going to be considered a win for president. Trump is going to be the end of this. Likely it will be the end. A win for The administration and there is a likely. There's a possibility that this can go on bank which means all the district court judges. Were you decision, but that would take a majority of the judges to actually want to do that so I think it's unlikely it's possible but to answer your question. This might very likely be and Smith is done. All right, let's go back to your home turf. The southern district of New York. Give us your interpretation of what happened. Friday night. what happened was it's been said unprecedented it was. Embarrassing for everyone involved and frankly terrible, it shouldn't have happened. it it's.

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