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Purple Pants Podcast | The Last Dance - burst 15


Calling me like up crying at the last episode and at that point I guess the last episode then I got to the last episode and Child. I was crying lobster. Listen guys have not checked out. Hollywood on Netflix is a five star. Recommendation for me is amazing. Just get past the first two episodes and the first who episodes aren't even bad. It's just a lot of sex and I normally don't complain about lot sets but what's the point but bay when I tell you. This series has such a great a great purpose a great story. Get into guys all right moving right along. We're going to get into this week's of the. Hbo Show Insecure. Which I highly recommend I always say this about the show I love about. This show is there. I see myself in a lot of the characters. She is a ISA ranked place ourselves ISA as a young thirty year old trying to just figure out how life in La and so we know last week. She drew the block partying.

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