Law firm targeted by hackers says Trump was never a client


So hackers who launched a massive cyberattack on the New York law firm of prominent entertainment lawyer. Alan Grubman are now threatening to release dirt on Donald Trump if their ransom demands aren't met now. This is a little bit weird so so just bear with me as explain this. The hackers are known as revival are evil R. E. V. I l. claim to have stolen confidential files on GRUB and celebrity clients like Elton John Lady Gaga Madonna and have doubled their ransom demand to forty two million dollars. They also claim to have damning information on the president and say that will be made public in a week if they don't receive the random but it's not clear what information they have on trump who's not represented by Grubman. There's no real connection on how those two are related together but hackers are telling the president. You better urged Grubman pay that forty two million of you. Don't want this information released about you. So far GRUBS law firm said it will not negotiate with these hackers. The FBI is investigating the case as an act of international

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