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Talking with Gene Foca, CMO of Getty Images


And your department alone own sales and made all the decisions related to those department scenarios and I think that's you know fifteen and twenty years ago. How people thought of ownership but most organizations now most healthy organizations are much more matrix are much flatter and are much more collaborative and the concept of ownership is a joint ownership and it's a collaborative ownership and marketing is really comprises. All of the customer touch points in the entirety of the customer journey and that spans everything from the web and mobile offerings. That accompany might have to customer service to marketing and communications to sales all of that touches the customer and therefore all of it is marketing and so your role as a marketing executive is to maximize your functions and the return on investment of your functions in being able to serve the customer and to do so collaboratively with product executives and engineers and developers and sales executives in order to serve the customer best. Because if you do that well and you create a friction customer journey that is really optimized for the customer. And you do that across all of those disciplines. Derek is no better marketing than that. And so you know. I encourage every member of my team to understand that ownership is not what they think it is yes you have to own responsibility and have accountability. But you have to do so collaboratively and understand others. Rightfully should have input to improve something so we work extremely collaborative at getty images across the departments. It's how we believe. We'll have the best service for our customers and ultimately run the Best Business Model. Okay and how about for campaigns? Then what kind of activities do you guys run? Throughout the year yet. Obviously the events landscape is changed markedly right now. But what kind of programs do you run? And what types of activities work for you guys. We are a very digitally focused company in a number of way so we are healthy. Investors Globally in digital performance marketing to drive the appropriate target audiences and potential customers to our brands in an effort to get them to be new customers. We use data science. We have marketing data science team to do predictive modeling and to help us. Optimize all of our digital marketing and demand generation marketing and we have a very sophisticated execution of activities that ranges from pay digital and high quality. Seo To bring in new customers to serve those customers well to put them into appropriately targeted nurture streams and move them along the customer journey in appropriate ways that are personalized and serve them and then as appropriate for organizations that show the ability and the size and the scope and the need to be handed off too much bigger offerings. We then use those as marketing qualified leads for ourselves team our global sales team and they become candidates for much bigger visual content offerings that our sales team might execute so we have a very sophisticated data driven digital operation on the digital side. We are also doing brandon communications efforts constantly and we do those through our centralized marketing team. Our regional marketing team as well as our departments where reaching not only customers and potential customers with messaging brand building an editorial messaging but we also have another avenue of customers and partners. Which are our contributors those visual content producers that are contributors to our business but are not fulltime staff and so were also communicating and marketing constantly with them and then on top of that. We do a healthy amount of considered partnership activities. And that's largely around our seem of moving the world with visual content moving the world with imagery and what we try to do is emphasize our heritage of building a diverse and inclusive world to create a myriad of content campaigns with partners over the past year. The one that was most successful with Unilever and dove was was show us and that got a lot of press and earned media and we have a heritage of doing those programs selective in selectively intelligently with partners. And it's all part of our desire to move the world and positive ways and create change through our editorial media so you know we're we're constantly doing marketing That is related to our creative offerings but also marketing and brand building and partnership activities that are related to our editorial offerings. All right again. I've got more to dig in on but we need to pause for just a moment. I WANNA thank Flavio for their support of marketing over coffee. Clavier growth marketing platform most recommended by other business leaders in uncertain times. Supporting your community and growing relationships with your customers is a strategy that will be appreciated remembered and shared in good times and bad open. Opening empathetic communication with your customers is key. Email is and always will be one of the best channels for delivering these communications email. Marketing is one of clave views core offerings and when you leverage personalization driven by three sixty degree view of the customer. Those emails will feel even more relevant. Fostering stronger relationships cleo truly understands how challenging it is for each and every entrepreneur to get their business off the ground let alone navigate such trying times if feeling overwhelmed with growing your business especially in this climate. You're not alone. Flavio is here to help brands build relationships. Across any distance create meaningful memorable. Email marketing moments. That last a lifetime visit Clavijo dot com slash coffee to start a free trial that's k. l. a. y. The Y. O. dot com slash coffee K. L. A. V. I. Y. O. DOT COM slash. Coffee check out the free trial and get yourself up and running without any hassle and clearly has been doing a great job. We appreciate their support of the show so check them out and also linked to them in the show notes and again. We thank them for their support. Show Jean how about on the horizon for you. Is there anything as far as new technology? Or what kind of. What are you excited about? As far as being able to either bring to the product or to your marketing campaigns. What we're most excited about at least in my area is the continued acceleration of using data science to inform better decisions throughout the company and we built and grew our data science team in marketing specifically really just over the past two years and it's a team of largely data scientists and data engineers and we're using that group in a variety of ways which was our original goal not just to optimize our marketing campaigns in our targeting. But we're using that group to take a look at content trance and to help our content executives figure out what the trends are in terms of creative so that they can apply not only their creative expertise and their knowledge as curator's and visual experts but they can apply data science as well and we're using that data science team to support our global sales operation to identify needs within customer groups offerings that could be presented to customers and the like and so the acceleration and use of real data scientists to support. The business is one of the areas that I'm I'm truly most excited about from a business point of view and then obviously there are innovations on the creative end of the business in the visual area. That are equally exciting creatively but in terms of what we're doing. I'm really excited about the acceleration of the use of data science to support the business. Yeah I just realized that because we actually do. A lot of predictive over at trust insights. You know helping smaller businesses figure out. What topics are going to be coming up because it's great for your content calendar. Make sure that you're meeting trends as they come up but I didn't even think of that for you guys that's demand forecasting like when you're looking at topics that are going to be hot right. Everybody's GonNa want those images or videos around that stuff so that you get both on the marketing and the product side. So that's fantastic. Absolutely one thing that you'd mentioned that I'd seen a were passing around. Topics was customer touch points and triangulating around your customer's needs. Tell us more about that that really ties to some of the areas that I was alluding to in terms of how departments within companies and how they function have changed over the years and too often when people think of marketing they think of the brand campaign or they think of the big communications campaign but marketing is very much the series of touch points all along the customer journey that ensure that you're serving the customer in the best possible way with the least amount of friction and with the highest degree of confidence being consistent with your brand narrative and your value proposition. And so you know. Triangulation is a little bit of a jargon a way of just describing that every company has a series of touch points that reach the consumer or their target audience and customer base and as an example. If you're a company that is comprised of a marketing department and a sales department and you also have technology and product group because you have web and mobile offerings. All of those touch points are marketing right. And so it's very much that the communications whether it's one to one emails or messaging that the sales team puts out that is marketing and every day those messages have to be consistent with your brand value and your brand narrative because all of the marketing money in the world that you spend can be supported or undone by the messaging that your salesforce.

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