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Komodo Thrashes Bitcoin


Now let's talk about what's a little less excite. I should say less exotic. What is quite boring at the mind? The market look. Bitcoin was down four point. Seven percent of an odd closed down at nine thousand fifty nine hundred dollars just take cooling tickling around that nine thousand mark now. I'm still not seeing any major shorting opportunities yet but that being said going down onto those two and four hour timeframes they. They may stop the present opportunities To Youtube right now And Google also youtube tried to call. You'll see my video that went out race limits. It's the talk you through how to set up Had A plan. You'll try it out to make it work Have a look at that. That's going to help you to understand what I'm thinking and during periods where his inactivity? They're still planning. There is still activity to be had just need not be wasted time so bitcoin now dan point five of at nine thousand nine hundred hovering around that nine thousand rage. Willie bracket I we could. We haven't had a proper pullback on a weekly timeframe for Gee whiz little one back in the wake of the fourth of my star night that wake designedly down two percent though it was that was the only thing wake or it was like when alive shop the prior to that. Look we have not seen a Pullback it's pain straight down than stripe backup shape bottom there on that weekly so I wouldn't be surprised this go a little bit lower on a theory. Now we're underneath two hundred. I was sitting at one ninety seven ninety six and it's a pretty average looking child. If mugs the honest with it was down as well five point four percent clothing one ninety eight forty I. It's actually at one ninety seven ninety five point. Three percent exile plays Trading not shot that. I'm all that interested in at the moment. I just done it. I haven't got that structure yet. You know there's a dementia on that four album. I WANNA say Malwa. Currently nineteen point three cents. We have dipped below twenty

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