Vigil honors Los Angeles Riverside Community Hospital worker who died of coronavirus


Family and friends are mourning the loss of an essential worker who fell victim to corona virus Rosa Luna was a housekeeper at riverside community hospital a vigil was held in her honor CBS and always C. C. Butler was there everybody to take this very seriously it seems like nobody is taking seriously but it is I see that you do not want your family member to die like that I could be three thousand new her sixty seven year old mom had to be carefully she cleaned and disinfected the rooms of riverside community hospital were covered nineteen patients were treated and released she thought she took enough precautions every night as she came home from work her clothes it's thing outside her shoes or stay outside if you like immediately take a shower it wasn't enough after cleaning the hospital rooms for twenty five years Monday may fourth Rochelle Luna died in her daughter's arms she never once voiced concerns about her safety underneath we all were afraid of the Lewis family gathered at the hospital to remember the unseen health care heroes who are taking big risks with little pay we're not the full roll out the hospital cleaning crews who work behind the front lines that's why we're here because sometimes those folks who do the hardest worker sometimes overlooked and we want to make sure that that doesn't happen here nor anywhere else Luna cleaned coated and non coated rooms her manager says she always wore a mask appropriate for the level of risk she was an amazing person someone that not only hold ourselves to high standards but your peers myself as as our manager help me at a high standard every life counts every life does really count on her memory the auxiliary group here at the hospital has started a scholarship and Rosalyn is name for anyone interested in following in her footsteps and becoming certified nursing assistants

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