MLB Draft: Best Picks



The best answer for this. Whose career is a major league? Baseball may well be over. He headed over to Japan for two thousand twenty. We'll see harvey no Adam Jones Jones. I think Adam. Jones was viewed by a lot of people as a legitimate. Star Star in baseball during that good orioles run where he made four consecutive, all star teams from twelve to fifteen. I don't think history is going to be kind to the perception that he was a star. Top thousand eight thirty nine. Oh P. S He was never an on base. Percentage guy is career. Slash lines to seventy, seven, three, seventy, four, fifty four. He's GonNa. Finish with fewer than his about thirty two wins above replacement Like Great Leader and it was the face of those orioles franchise, and may have been their best player in individual years never once ranked in the top ten in position players League wide a wins above replacement now one time. What about here's a name. What about Dan, Uggla? I don't know that like we view Dan Uggla. Like a star player at the time. I think what year like win was it? The thing with Uggla is that he debuted like a like a Bat Outta Hell with twenty seven homers, and there was going. GonNa say he hit like fucking. Thirty homers foot the first four years, five years, or something shows twenty, seven, thirty, one, thirty, two, thirty, one, thirty, three, thirty six. I think the thing with other. The one caveat is that everybody knew because he didn't debut until age twenty six that the. The run was never going to be a dairy right, yeah! And that ended up being very true, I mean. You know even the area at thirty six home runs, which was a career highest first year in at L., is dropped one hundred points from the year before like the the decline happened, it happened really fast. Anyway interesting question. Who is your? Who is your guy following the NBA draft? I know none of us are experts and I. Don't think anybody listening thinks that we're experts on college high school players, but let's so that we can claim that we were correct. I can make fun of Dallas for being extremely wrong later on. Let's plant our flag on a guy. Who is your guy from this draught? Shit. I mean I'm just GonNa fall back on the guy that we drafted the as. Purely because he's from my neighborhood. Tyler Soderstrom, okay, left-handed stick yet, not a catcher out of Turlock California no the best part about busy plays the catcher position, but his raw athleticism We'll probably see him land. That's frankly wherever he would like. Yeah, that's an incredible. That is really well done. a guy who does TV for team I got one nick bits go. Nick pit skill. That's go. He was the He was raised pick. He seventeen years old. He's he's. He was kind of like the. The track man advanced number spin rate, darling sort of thing. His track record extremely brief. What's what's funny about about that? Is You know like he sent out at somebody's sitting. I think he sent out a tweet or like you said something you know what posting my rap Soto, numbers and Blah. Blah Blah Blah Blah and there's

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