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SpaceX COO On Prospects For Starship Launcher


The other none any value. Yeah Yeah do you have in Napa as a development partner speed you up or slow you down you think at some is some technology areas audibly they. They're they're out. I think US along in other areas. I don't WANNA say they slowed us down because we had to get a Yes for them to they. Yes right and so we had to do analysis that we work with down through the design process and through the analysis process. And then the reading. Nine Still I. I don't really want to characterized slowing US down. We ended up being extremely thorough because of the partnership without. So maybe we would applaud. Faster on Nafta not been working with US Open. Many many. They wouldn't have been successful so I'm not sure I would do things any differently. As far as it might be different technology choices like we started out with our with cre dragon regarding to come and then ended up being really really really hard. And NASA wasn't sure how they were certified that so not only wasn't technology hard would have been difficult. Nafta is more audible with parachutes. So you know they just been using them for things so we now know how to promote of Liane a rocket bobby many times in south so when we got our down now and so we'll the let's quick versus starship. Three years in we decided to pull the and not be that in sleight.

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