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Hi and welcome to mentally ause. I'm Evan and NASA's mentally it was corona virus a special episode out the pandemic and how we can look at mental health during it. Dan returned to her own. She's a free diver speaker on a breadth trainer. We're going to be talking about how we could use our time in lockdown to improve our breathing because so many of us have gotten into bad habits myself included especially with our terrible wise heracles. Do while from home and hunching overlap dope or going through some breathing exercises can help with anxiety and stress and struggling to fall asleep in lockdown. So how did you get into some silly? How did you get into breathing? I does sound like Israeli question but it's not really at. I discovered free diving Seven years ago now free diving is breath hold diving and I practice the death depth the depth disciplines which means I loan surface of the ocean. I take one very deep breath. And then we don't have as deep as I can on that one single breasts and I come back up on the same breath And in learning how to free dive your taught better breathing habits and how to use breathing to help relax station because that's incredibly important in free diving and Piqued my interest. And the more I continued with my free diving more interested. I got in how we breathed in how it can help us And that helped me to discover how bad breathing habits can can hinder us. Really Dumb and just Both physically and mentally and Yeah I go go quite interested all of that now. I help people improve their habits if necessary Why do you like free diving because to me? That sounds terrifying horrible. My parents think exactly the same thing I I loved a little bit about my history. Twenty years ago I was suffering from chronic depression and I was actually on the verge of suicide and I was very lucky to be able to find the strength to reach out with the sport of the Jess and family and friends. I turned my life around and I live a life today that I could ever dreamed of twenty years ago and one of the things that struck me so profoundly when I started free diving. Seven years ago was the peace and quiet as soon as I put my head under the water. Always background voices that a Gemini Negative at times And Forever Yapping. Away in the background just suddenly disappeared and they sense of calm and wellbeing being totally present in each and every moment as it happened was a intoxicating and I fell in love with it immediately. Yeah I can definitely see because I think so. Many people talk about What's it called open-air cold water swimming? And how powerful is Philip? Quieting your thoughts yes again. I think that's along the lines of the shock. Therapy of your mind can be wondering here there. And everywhere and suddenly the power. The intensity of the coldness of the water brings you frightened to yourself right in that in that very moment and it's refreshing. It's re- physically and mentally It's a release from the everyday chatter. That's going on in your mind and that's that's very pleasant to experience that so yeah I do think what is it about free diving. Because I think what you're saying about having to hold your breath for that sounds quite like intense life or death. Stop do you find that helpful for your mental health? It's life death if you don't follow some very simple rules and watched like he would never put to learn driver in Formula One car and the Nice basic rule free diving is you do not do a breath hold new water by yourself because if you do that you push too hard. Which isn't actually as difficult as it sounds you blackout and the thing about blacking out is it. Feels like it feels when you fall asleep. You're not aware that you're doing it. So the first and biggest rule of free diving is do not do breath. Hold near water by yourself And if you are doing it make sure you have someone who knows what they're doing looking off to you And from their Ronin The depth that I do and the the length of time. It takes me to do my dive. I've I've graduated to. Those levels vary slowly over very many years with lots and lots of training and. I don't come up from a dive about to sort of on that cusp at all. I'm very safety conscientious diver. I always dive with a safety. Taymor all my buddy who on training with and we look after each other and so while it certainly pushes each people's buttons because they consider it to be an extreme sport and the reason why is because we're denying ourselves one of the ultimate things that we need to live by denying ourselves It's actually an incredibly relaxing Cathartic peaceful sport. That's a wonderful way to face your fears in very calm controlled manner trashy work. Count what you're capable of and where where what you thought might have been assaulted barrier actually can flex a little bit you can achieve more so once you go into that and then you said you kind of Interest in breathing in general and learn more about. How did? Where'd you go to learn more about that? How do you learn more about breathing? The Internet's very very good place to start. But you over just save out the kind of the real stuff from the notes so helpful stuff and you know in the free diving world. There are lots of people who are much more experienced than me you. I've I've listened to learn from and I've looked into The medical side of things a lot. There there's in terms of breath were there is a massive spectrum that ranges from The sort of health side of things through to at this Rebirthing elements you can do this. Yoga prony come exercises that you can do which I actually incorporate some of them Into the stuff that I teach. But an says through to kind of the Cold War to therapies. That people can do as well. We're taking the styles of breathing or involved to help people to build up the sweat the list that she gets on and do it in and step into that ice bath and so it's it's a massive spectrum an I tended to on me have gone more towards the medical side of things whether as says documented reports and studies to show that this debris thing how it can be helpful both physically and mentally to us Because it just it carries more weight for me and I come from a medical family and my father would laugh. May Add to town. If I didn't wasn't able to back things up so yeah it's it's been very useful having that

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