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How are Ya how awesome is weekend? It was a lot around here. I live in new SMYRNA Beach Cherry here in Florida outside of Daytona. And over the weekend. They lifted a lot of the stay at home. Motorola restaurants stores started open. I gotTa tell you also from the beaches and it was really odd to see all these people in bathing suits and boats and stuff and headed to the beach. It's it's been so long this kind of an odd feeling actually. Don't even know what to think about it right now. Just don't know configured out though it is what it is right. Also the daily boost from motivation to move dot com every single day. No matter what you gotta figure out stuff certainly happens to make you work at it. You have dreams ambitions desires things you WanNa do things you wanna get on track or back on track with it but at the end yeah life gets in the way and we have to deal with it. There's one thing I know for sure. Life will always get in the way. They're always challenges. They always have to be managed in some kind of strange way we have to. Sometimes her head screwed on straight. You know something that I learned in the past couple of weeks and I would have been talking to it just a ton of people and this is one of the biggest lessons I picked up on everybody. Everybody has a different perspective of what's happening right now. Everybody depending on what job there in. What part of the country they live in some people are are not working at all. Some people are working endless hours. Some people are still getting paid. Exactly what they got before but they're working eighty hours a week and have no time to do anything that will frustrated. Some people just want to get back to work in the can't everybody's in a different spot and yes a lot of people affected by this virus. A lot of people have been lost in this virus so I've really gotten perspective of that just by talking to people all over the world about how were all writing this same storm. Many many different boats together and so people in small boats and some enlarge votes. It's crazy but hopefully God willing. It will settle here soon. My name is Scott Smith the founder and the chief motivating officer here at motivation. Move Dot Com. I'm sure happy you're here today. There are tons of places you could be. This is going to good place because we're talking about a little reinvention today. A favorite topic of mine and something has been a lot of time helping a lot of folks do. There is no better time than right now to reinvent yourself maybe a little better or a little different as we move forward and help you do that. I want to invite you to become a member at motivation who've dot com where we have the daily news premium version of this show which comes out Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and the operation reinvention to you on Saturday all commercial. Free no promotions. Nothing is just pure coaching every single day. Plus the operation reinvention coaching call. Were doing zoom calls at spent a lot of fun to chat with people all over the world the Fisher Passion Program David Nugget. Email the daily text message so much energetically put together basically to do one thing. Help you stand up. Take a step and repeat every single day no matter what gets in the way. I've cut the price during this pandemic is going on. We dropped fifty percent down to nine ninety five contracts. You can cancel anytime. Never had a price this low before so if you join us just go to motivation who've dot com get started today so here we are. It is Monday and that means I was thinking about things I want to do in my life now this weekend you. I'm always talking about exploring the possibility well. I got to explore the possibility this weekend. A friend of ours owns and I'll pack a wrench to and as you said. Hey can you bring your tractor over and help me move some dirt around and you have to put some dirt and some stalls can yell at thought out and get detractors. I've got trigger and I I took my track over there. John Deere and I spent the entire day helping her. But you know what I learned. I explored the possibility of doing dirt work in a neat cool tractor all day long and I. I realized I wasn't going to be something I ever aspired to do. As a living not nothing wrong with it but it wasn't going to happen so I knew my homework. I'M GONNA look at my world and say what do I like about my world? What I don't like about my world and okay do I like to attract or work for my neighbor. Well sort of venue. She asked again. I would help but would I try to avoid it. Heck Yeah it's not really my list right now and that's all we have to do with homework. That's it. We look into our life the things that were doing the things we'd like to do things that we don't like to do things you wanna say yes to things. We want to say no to decide how we're GONNA handle it in the future when you do that when you assess how your life is going to be and you just a few minutes every single day. I like it every single day. You want so if you want to. You'd be surprised what happens if you don't do that. You'll be surprised. Ten Years Fly Pie. And You wonder how you got there. See it every day. So do your homework. If you need help remember get the perfect planner. It's in the resource section of motivation. And WE'VE DOT COM easy to find. They're just click on that and download it and watch the video. It'll explain to you how to how to hold time for yourself. Maybe you got some extra time right now you can use it so let's talk about reinventing. Costano a pretty good time right now. I mean the past month has created a nothing short of a massive disruption in our lives. No doubt about that. So why not take advantage of this journey back to normal and maybe switch things up now? This is a nonstop never ending specialty and expertise. I have done this for a lot of years really being able to go come where I am and just become something different when I want to and helping so many people do it so I have a lot of experience in this world and it's a great chance to do it in fact it's been said you've heard the phrase before never let a crisis go to waste. We got one right now right. There's a disruption right now and when something has been disrupted you have a chance to wiggle and move and shake and bake and do everything you WanNa do. Make a few changes so when he wanted some tweaks as we move ourselves back to what is going to be normal here in the future or you WANNA total reinvention. The process is very much the same use the same steps. No matter what you WANNA do. Little suffer big stuff ready number one and this is a big deal and it's usually the one that people have already done but don't realize they've done it. You must acknowledge that something needs to change. Doesn't sound like a whole lot but you'd be surprised. Lots of people are trying to fix all kinds of things and not recognize as underlying change. It has to happen so when you recognize. There is something that needs changing. Listen to your gut into crisis. We're in right now. Lives are disrupted and you're thinking wait a second. How did I get here? How did this happen? Whether it's my fault. Non My fall how could I have avoided this? How could I made it easier and that gut feeling might be telling you make a few changes so if and when it happens again you're in a different spot number to be honest your inner thoughts and your feelings are real. We ARE EMOTIONAL BEINGS. And so that's where it's GonNa come from now. We have to transfer that into logic right but they are telling you the truth. They're telling you something has to change so listen to what's in there really reading yourself. An honor what. You're feeling. Translate that into actions. You'll see what happens. So first acknowledging ing that we really need to make a change in order to get the the impact that we want and to be honest with these feelings are yours. A lot of folks will say yea. I don't know it's kind of running around my head. Coaching and work with people one of the biggest things I do is validate that feeling. Validate that thought. I tested and validated. To make sure it's real and often in the process they go out the way you said it back to me. I can see that. It's this right so honored that clearly understand why you want to reinvent something you gotTa know this now. The wise always a very powerful thing but when you understand exactly why you WANNA make some changes and really feel it. It's GonNa get you excited. And that is a power that will move you forward through the journey. You're about ready to take. We should ask yourself a favor question. I think I got this the book the One thing. What one thing can you do or not? Do that will have the most significant impact on your life. It's an extremely powerful question. You're trying to make a reinvention of yourself because if you're trying to move in a certain direction there is something you can do. It may be changing jobs and maybe starting a business may be quitting the job. Who knows what is going to be. I don't know your situation right now but there's got to be one thing maybe it's moving. Maybe it's paying off some bills. I don't know what it's going to be. But there is one thing you can do that or not do. That's going to have a huge impact and immediate instantaneous. Impact on your life. Don't be afraid of that. Go find it. Why take your time looking forward and dabbling around when you just think about it a little bit and figure out what to do? I want you to set a sprint goal. I thought about this when I wrote this down. I typically will say a ninety day goal so the at least ninety days I went to sprint toward at your focus goes in that direction. You WanNa make the change now. Ninety days is something anybody can do but I will recognize ninety days. It's a longtime particularly in the The upheaval we feel these days. So my first thought was well. Let'S CUT BACK THIRTY S. Push everybody for thirty days and do that and I like thirty days. Anybody can do thirty days so I'm going to give you a little bit of leeway here I want you to sprint for at least thirty but a fixture think three months if you can hold on for thirty days and then go ninety you will change. Your Life. I promise you a lot faster than you think it won't be the all-time

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