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Welcome to clinical hats. Where real working dentists talk real dentistry? Sit Back Relax. Tighten your tough Meyer prepares to be clinically hacked. The clinical hacks are back and you know they will never be wack what is up Kevin Fryer and Dr Matt Jones. You guys recognize the fat boys. Sure now voice. Fans that boys boys back. I'm just trying to bring it but they were In the movie disorderly right wasn't that during swelled on. Yes that is. The point is deep reach as deep rich. All right so we are recording this towards end of the quarantine herein getting ready to Practice backup and going. But we're gonNA talk about what you're doing while this was all going on so I guess just kept. It just tells what's give us a brief breakdown of what your your quarantine month was like so believe it or not. I've gone to the office every day in the morning so there have been under Gunnar. There have been numerous projects that I've wanted to do around the office for years that I got done. Probably in the first week and then maybe the Second Week. I sort of looked at doing them over again But I mean we. I've I've done certain things around the office that I've always wanted to do. We've seen one or two patients as emergencies. But in the mornings I'd go till about noon that had come home Basically sit on the couch and watch. Tv drink a Lotta coffee and fall asleep on the couch. So that's mostly what I've been doing. Pretty good on you on so when you say you got the opposite more reorganization stuff or did you like paint. Or what kind of like there are some things I wanted to reorganize. We basically took everything off every shelf in the whole office room by room Went through everything through a lot of stuff away and then Just sort of reorganized things. I ordered some things that have always wanted to have that we have. We've I've had a second a camera for forever and there was something wrong with the Lens to Lens in some other parts for that actually hasn't come yet but that was one of those things that I wanted to do. But a lot of organization and cleaning up with of stuff around the office so it will end spanking new cabinet. You kept a full staff on this whole time as well. We had a skeleton crew of basically three people. One of the positives of this is we had to really look at everyone. Each of our team members and figure out what was best for them in terms of people who had children to look after people whose significant others may have been at risk reminding genesis. Her husband has art condition so by default by looking carefully at everyone we kept our list experience people which is actually a blessing in disguise. Because now we had to throw him into you know here. Here's an extraction that you your action. Mcgrath that you may have not done very many other than we've done a lot with let's That was a blessing in disguise. And because quite frankly there were times we just sitting around doing nothing you know we just sit around and talk and it's a little bit better so blessing in disguise from that the the silver lining still trying to find the total silver lining to this that thing and that would be just a tiny little. One it's not been fun. Maktel tell me about your corn times you know. Tell me go to what you've been doing. Well I mean I feel like we're talking about stuff that happened like three years ago. It's been that law does feel along. You know we started off kind of like Kevin Kinda Gung Ho to be an office in Were run kind of a skeleton crew but act sort of made a commitment of just go in in every day and just see what emerges is they were. We did that for maybe two weeks and it just quickly just petered out yet. It's about a fifty mile round trip for me to the office and back and just ye figure that time and gas was not worth it. You know what I could cover most emergencies from home. Brush get a few projects around the office. doubts back in the days. printing respirators. And all that we kind of fiddle around with that for a couple of weeks and Just discovered how uncomfortable that was to wear and just not like that reality of P at Since in May I guess for the last month of base just been at The the kids are home. Schooling Zach through. That is obvious of people that are doing this without kids It's like a twenty four seven job. Seems like you know a lot of MOMS out. There really have the worst of that have been here trying to stay out of their way and try to help out as a child gets exercise in keeping the shape from when we get back man. That's that's cool that's that I guess what I might. Experience has been somewhere. You guys that the first couple of weeks I was kinda going in fairly regularly because I mean I don't know that's what I've done for the past seventeen years so it's it's hard to not do that but then there wasn't you know after the first week or so there wasn't a whole lot of emergency business left. That was a true emergency or even a slightly true emergencies so A couple of weeks there right. I flat out didn't go for a while so I wasn't nearly as productive as Kevin. I did get some walls painted. Some stuff reorganized all that but I mean I. I don't know didn't take advantage of it really as well as I as I thought anyway should miss them kind of the last straw for us on the mercy. Patients was a lady that the walked in the door and immediately when our bathroom sort puking is after we'd screener on the phone about being around anybody sick and everything and it was like people aren't GonNa be that truthful for us through all this you know. Why risk ourselves being out there? Yeah that's that's Tara. So hopefully we'll get back. Did think of one other positive. We ordered a polygon on coming back from from the train. Yeah and so that was delivered mid first or second week of February. So it's given me at least something to do. We made a dentist. Peleton groups have been writing with some of our friends there. So that's been Kinda Fun. Keller kicks everyone's but nice so but it's been it's been find something. I've I've looked forward to Could you see Keller on there when you're writing you? Actually that was you can vide- no with each other. Which I didn't know about so missy was riding we have take turns writing like the only have one bike so she was riding and all of a sudden she's I can hear like You know exclaiming wildly come down here and Aaron Elliott had video chatted her up. Say Hi Erin how. How do we not know about this feature think we did creep? I'm Kelly one time asked listeners. That don't know Michael Keller at Delaware he comes. Vod every year and everybody should come next year. It meet him but he has very vibrant outfits. His pastel second only imagine him in like some hot pink biker shorts and Turquoise talk or something well we'll see Raj his peleton yeah. He was fully clothed. Thank goodness but he's a beast go so the subject of today The clinical subject is. We're talking about what kind of E. Things we've done for ourselves or for our team for at least the Times that we were motivated to do so and I wanNA start with Mac on this one because I felt like out of the gate. He was like he was really getting after it and I know at some point. You burn out Mac but before you burn out you hit it pretty hard. I would like to share with the listeners. What what you were working. Yes I really did. Hit it hard And we really thought about doing this episode. Few weeks back and I was prepared to give everybody a big motivational speech about this. And I do want to kind of get into a quote if you guys familiar with Special Forces of the Navy Seals at all. They're saying they have and it's under pressure you don't rise to the occasion you sink the level of your training that of got my head and I had this whole motivation to really stay up to speed on a lot of things in. It may pick up some new procedures And I hit the all not see hard for a couple of weeks in just a couple of weeks ago just Kinda hit. A wall mentally But Blue Sky bow has been putting out great material out there. They're still doing webinars right now. Brune grafting Surgical God design implants Great options out there Also a company called surgical aesthetics Which makes bone grafting material has done? This'll webinar series We did our episode a few weeks ago with Stephen Borehole. They're kind of doing a little thing kind of going through the bare bones. Bone graft people. That aren't into that yet. I think those may be recorded for anybody out there the most look them up YouTube Go Watch those on. He said surgery colours coming out of California Really Nice Company to make Bone graft materials Biologics membranes stuff like that. They have a lot of instruments Brian grafting instrument kits and everything else. Good Company Good folks are very helpful as well. and blue sky is definitely has. There's up on Youtube so if you guys are familiar with with their whole shtick. If you will learn surgical design. That's their own up to full arch rehabilitation. That's water good stuff. What I really do most into Was a website called own line. Exa DONNCHA DOT COM. So- started kind of brainstorming. Some things that like heaven mentioned projects that you've been meaning to get you over the years and these were mental projects of procedures. That kinda wanted to bring in just have never had the time Dan Lauren Work Experience A third molar surgery Slipping off always toyed with Portland this allot our practices very rural Were thirty to forty miles away from special. Or It's always a barrier people getting what they need so thermal or surgeries one of the things. We have typically referred out mainly for the sedation aspect of that but we are Kinda into worse omitted. Bring that to our office. This fall which I'd ask Kevin about that recently as well but sort get into third molar surgery aspect of that and this website is awesome. It's made by got him. Jason Oil General Saskatchewan Canada and basically hits. His goal is he has his website. He's he wants this to be a flight manual for oral surgery and I think it was a great way to describe it He goes through so much detail about what to do. And I feel like Adachi is one of those procedures that you can learn at dental school but not really like some people had experiences to take out more teeth or maybe they did rotations out out of dental school where they gotta do more extractions in the procedure you have to. Kinda learn hands all remission. Keller he also did a prison Gig for while as well as myself And that's where I got really good with attractions Just basically get in their not having a referral option for a lot of patients and just learning how to do it and this basic kind of walked through that gives you a manual of learning on the fly but the one I guess critique I would have of that from negative aspect is there's not really any laugh surgery videos It's all done type dot on but he walks through in a lot of detail about flap design Sexual stuff like that. But you can't supplement that with with live youtube videos there's lot of Into websites out there in those channels There's also a lot of.

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