#785: Interstellar (Nolan #7) / Palm Springs / Relic



What kind of show you guys putting on here today. We're not interested in. Going to do this thing going to have a conversation. From Chicago. This is film spotting and that Kempner and I'm Josh Larsen. Racing abide our solar system. To our galaxy. Not McConnell Hey with David Jesse in a clip from twenty fourteen interstellar, a film that sees mcconaughey battle, the forces of quantum physics to save humanity interstellar next up in our Christopher Nolan UV review, also battling the forces of quantum physics to themselves and find meaning in existence are Andy Sandberg and Kristen Miliani in the new romantic comedy Palm Springs. That came to Hulu last weekend. We'll have a review of that and more today tomorrow. It's all the same ahead film spotty. Walk to film spotting the last couple of weeks. Josh have seen some of the most high profile new releases we've had since movie theater shutdown back. In March Hamilton arrived on Disney plus two weeks ago. We talked about that on last week's episode also last week. I recommended Gina Prints by woods, the old guard with Charlene Darren. That came to Netflix's weekend. And that's when you caught up with Josh and they understand. You liked it. Maybe not as enthusiastically as I did, but you went forward. Okay? Yeah, consider me. Me a fan, I think I probably became a little more wearied by the gunplay. Which you mentioned was your talked about it probably a little more than you did, but yeah, definitely appreciated and think it's something that people should check out. Last weekend also saw the release of the World War Two thriller Greyhound with Tom Hanks that's on apple, plus neither of us have had a chance to see that yet, but fellow critics have assured us that the nation's fathers and grandfathers have a new favorite movie and Josh. Also last weekend, the new horror film relic available on demand. Palm Springs. The groundhog day inspired comedy which is available on. You saw relic. We both saw Palm Springs, and we'll give each of those a little bit of time later in the show, but first tires. Please cue up our review discussion of Christopher.

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