Have Man United Improved Under Solskjaer?



Craig and frank with US Craig. What happens to you and I said? Well first and foremost. Why it can play in the chat league, because the Court of Arbitration for sport overwhelmed ruling. Now you go! We went into the intricacies and say. Think well I don't think anybody's really interested in the factors that can play. So, annual. Mean Franken segments. I'm no bottle. Convenient if you like no right I. I thought. Were good for the point. You know we know. Got The call. But he started so sloppily and I was. I was really impressed. Foster fifteen twenty minutes walk. Ralph has say that with what he's working with with the budget with the place called the way the press. They really pasta, and they were good for the lead. Listen to to Sucker Punch of two or three minutes reunited with some quality. We saw Paul Pogba Leon needing a kick up these box me sleeping possession a couple of times I've got caught for one of the goals. I thought I thought they kept plugging up to know a strong that the star. The strong finish all be inactive down. To ten men with the head injury to two young Williams wasn't ideal, but it couldn't defend the call now. And so therefore, we were not deserving island thing of taking all three points at home this. Is Craig mentioned once. You've got those two goals united. Franco well that's done and dusted united going to go on and win this game. Yeah True I. Think it was the end of the story and. Was quite unfortunately for Saas on, because seeing the the hard work, they made no and the they went through to maybe try to get at least. Withdraw off time. They were two, two, two, two, one at halftime and I think when mentioned decided to finally play the should that they were better than the saints for the second half same problem. Still Sloppy and at the end of the day you know. You always have the risks to to see the. Getting goal, and then seeing you getting outside the stadium withdraw and these up very unfortunately, because we didn't got injured the play ten against eleven the last. Let's say seven eight minutes and kick, but you have to be strong. You have to your more experience. You WanNA reach the chimpanzee next season. You shouldn't consider goal on the corner. Kick if you want to if you want. Everybody thinks that's going to deserve to be in the chimpanzee. That's really two points relaxed stupidly from from Manchester United at the of the game. Done seems to be a law. People recently have gone tidal wave of all souls Lavin. And whilst they have. IMPROVED THERE'S NO DOUBT ABOUT The Bar was extremely low. There's an argument to be, said the F. as hotter manager, they might have already knew Detroit for and be in possession of trying to chase teams down. Let let me just give you some facts off. The back of the the lockdown. Enough talked this. They've only had one team. That's not in the bottom half of the league, and that Sheffield United today interest and start from. Leslie the Skykomish who's on the feed calms tonight with Jim Bergman. He said we must remember. Prior to this game. Points return and Premier League history on Chop without the fifty four points behind Liverpool. Last year, they finished two points behind the league champions. Manchester City some point out to me Ho this is a superb progression under only gonNa Solska, and as I said, some of the footballs been better, but we must, we must remember the V. could have been in the top four nil dawn with that scored hide behind the manager in charge, not setting fair four points behind Liverpool and scrambling around to get results against teams in the bottom half. The League that that's that's not opinion. That's fact you've got Kim credit for what he's done over the last few months early, Craig. But in a league season is over a few months that don't don't think the twitter crowed. A league season he's been in there. Before Christmas the year before you had the January transfer window at the summer transfer window. His second year in the job. We're talking about a full season. They are fifty four points of the league leaders. That's more than they. We're off Manchester City when the championship last season and I repeat the second points return and their premier league history to this before the game tonight. Tell me why it's a reason to be separate cited above Manchester. United I would be concerned that with him at the helm right with the hail golsby be able to negate the amount of points next seasonal decision after that. That does worry I would have United Fund not coming up here. All this is the greatest thing ever look at the results forgetting looking league table. Look at five bucks look at previous seasons. This is the worst they've been. In the last Chris Seasons in terms of the gap, even before source was the job marina wasn't that far behind on goal wasn't as far behind. That's factual.

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