Rare California Condors Seen In Sequoia National Park


Big news out of Sequoia National Park Condors are back. This is all just stunning to me. John Nielsen, former NPR correspondent is author of Condor to the Brink and Back the Life and Times of one Giant Bird. The Condor is the largest living flying thing in North America, and it sounds like this. That recording courtesy of Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology and the news. Some have been spotted in California's Sequoia National Park for the first time in 50 years is welcome because condors were so close to extinction. There was a time when there were none in the wild. They were all in captive breeding programs. Zoos. The National Park Service broke the news about the birds reappearance yesterday, saying they were seen back in May. Park waited a couple of months to tell us to confirm the sighting when their numbers dropped to just 22 wild birds were rounded up. At first they didn't breed, but eventually they did and were released back into the wild. If you haven't seen a condor, and you've only heard it described Or you've only exceeded in the zoo. One of the first impressions you get, Isn't it really ugly bird mean it eats dead things. You know it pees on the walls of the caves that lives in stuff like that. But when it flies, it's unbelievable. And John Nelson says there is nothing like a sighting in the

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