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Contrast that with what's going on in New York City, once the epicenter of the US Koven 19 outbreak, it has now passed a huge milestone. New York City reporting zero deaths for the first time since March. Oxes Jonathan Serrie in Florida Governor Rhonda Santis acknowledge the virus is spreading in his state with more than 15,000 new cases report yesterday. But he says it's because more people are being tested. As far as what will happen for schools this fall, he says. It will vary depending on where you live. I'm not going to dictate you know how everything goes. I think that you have. Miami is looking at a different situation. You're gonna have a lot of school districts around the state that are going to just go open up and that's going to be and a Santa says there is some good news, with the number of people testing positive for the illness, beginning to decline. Arizona reporting all time highs in patients. Laters and I C U patients, the State Department of Health Services, saying 671 patients were on ventilators and 936 in I C u as of yesterday. President Trump Tweeting. His congratulations to Andrea's doodad is re election as president of Poland writing. He's looking forward to continuing their important work together, including defense, Trade, Energy and telecommunications.

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