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End Mitchell saltzman beyond it. Hello, it's been. It's been so long since I've seen all three of you specifically in this format to talk about video games. So long indeed. Guys though. It is. Is just the DLC for other episode or the other up so DLC for this the actually the expansion. At, least now i. Venture. Over the lamp that I like off over on the ground, and I was recording off my Mac book that a hat stack of pillows I found. That's great I had an idea. You were at the AIRBNB at the time, so I totally would have. Made me on the spot for that, but I appreciate you calling in nonetheless. I? Of course we are all speaking about the other episode of the show. That went up this week our. Review, Spoiler Free Review cast where we dove into. We like didn't like and thought about the game from our. Initial impressions given that the Games out everyone yet, but. We talked of course about Mitchell's review. which if you haven't watched or read, it does not live. Go check it out. It's great. And you can find out more about his many many thoughts on the game and of course listened to that episode for all of our thoughts on that Once you all start playing the game. which will be this weekend? as episode comes out. Please right into beyond Aegean Dot com, the some of your thoughts, and we'll read some on next week. Show, of course as we get into more, a Cosima talk when we can talk about were spoiler. Things beyond that I did mention just a huge. Thank you to had a large rotating cast in the last few weeks, because of all summer of gaming, and all the other crazy things happening in the industry. Right now that we've been having to work on, so thank you to all the guests that we've been having all. We will have more guests to come in the weeks months as this year continues, but I just wanted to give a big. Thank you to everyone I did want to mention on the because it is. Not Live as of wall recording, but it will be live once this episode. IV So I can say it. As part of our and I for Marvel's vendors, we announce the Beta dates. are on the way for a vendor so starting August seventh. If you've preordered the game on, ps four, you will get access to the Beta Beta eventually comes to xbox NPC as well, but ps four is where it starts on August seventh, and that goes into open Beta on ps four on August fourteenth. If you haven't period of the game and are waiting the whole judgment, one a dive, and then August, fourteenth is when you'll be able to do that so we'll probably be talking about impressions about that game in August before it's September launch, but There's a lot other stuff to talk about this week. the biggest thing I wanted to talk about. Of course is the PS. Five date and price were supposed to be announced Monday right everyone. But. It was a river going around that that was going to happen and had me. Paranoid and terrified, and I don't know about you guys, but I had like seven tabs open at the off chance that things would get a preorder to go live I was expecting to just have this. Sort of like really rough afternoon where I had A. Kind of consolidate with myself over how much of a dent my bank account! And now a caught up in like launch fever I got with. A useless stuff that I definitely didn't need you know and also making sure like I got the camera. Like even though I don't know if I do get the camera the remote. The remote right because I know what's going to happen is they're gonNA sell out instantly. I'm going to be like should got that remote and. Remote, I'm so stupid around console launches. You guys so dumb. It's hard not to be because it's the newness and the excitement, but of course. Yet despite those rumors drumming up I was actually on the day off, and then I saw those rumors pop up in the morning going to be online. Right at that a suppose a time just in case, but it's one of those things where. I feel like everyone what we're all just. Tuned in right now like the entire industry is just so focused on every little update, that can happen because we're all at home, and so the second you know even the tantalizing idea that this might happen. Popped up I think everyone just jumped on it even though there wasn't like it wasn't as if Shuhei tweeted out the first letter of every tweet for the past month, said June twelfth founded at twelve thirty so right. there. There wasn't any sort of official source or ts in that way I. Think it's one of those things where. I think they're gonNA. Wait 'til after that xbox event next week, Announce that they're just GONNA put it out into the ether via block poster tweet, or do you see this being tied to an event? I. Don't know if they'll do like. I. So I'll put it this way. There's no universe in which there isn't at least mild sticker shock from a significant percentage of the planet, justifiably for how much this thing's going to cost, and so I think building up to like a big video reveal, and not just like A. Vibe what we launching a ball off for five six hundred dollars like that's. That's the easiest way to make. Go over simply They I. Think they never want another thing of like? was Cazar I being like five hundred ninety nine US dollars. That's a bad audio clip too bad video clip. It's a lot easier if you get like a screen cap of a tweet in a bunch of people can about it online. As we will plan to do but I. I I would. I would imagine that they they just go. Here's a little bit of information maybe on though this. Yeah. It's one of those things were like a go either way and it wouldn't shock me. I feel like it will come after you know like a big lead up to it, but it will probably come in of a blog post, because it is like Brian was saying you don't have that video or audio clip going around of someone. In case, the price is high. You don't have someone saying and it's five fifty or something weird whereas doing it especially after you know if there is a state of plan. August, there have been rumors about. Here all the other big new PS five games in them the day after or immediately after the event, they could say I the way. Here's the price. For me. I think I. Think it's going to be if it's something to celebrate. It's going to be in a video reveal or some sort of a state of play event if it's something that they don't want to. Really you know, make people. Mad about that. It's just going to be a blog post. On it feels like I mean in in a normal year this would have been e three, and we probably would have gotten prices and release states for both know systems, or at least something close it close to a price But we didn't and so there is still that game of chicken. They're playing with Microsoft so we'll see what happens with that. I would I would be amazed if we get the the series x price immediately during their event to just because it seems like both of them are waiting for as long as possible although I have a feeling. That Microsoft is going to be pretty competitive this time around especially with entering the market with two. Parallel skews different price points, and so I actually wouldn't be. I wouldn't I wouldn't be Florida if we got the price sooner than later with them, but I would be surprised if we got the got after playstations price unless there was a big difference between the two. Saying That, they didn't. They didn't capitalize off of the moment. We all found out PS five. I noticed intended to the same thing with switch light. Like yours switch light

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