Rapper Kanye West files for Oklahoma presidential ballot

Ace and TJ


Conway is officially on the Kanye West. I'm sorry I should've his. Okay Kanye West is officially on the ballot in Oklahoma because he beat Wednesday's deadline to file the certain papers. However, he did not meet the deadline for Florida which is obviously one of the battleground states in the presidential election. So. He won't be on the ballot in Florida. But all hope is not dead. He was polling at about two percent this week. so highly unlikely that he's GonNa make much more headway, but listen Oklahoma said Let. You want to run. You go ahead and the deadline. Set the deadlines have been out there forever, so if you beat the deadline, you're welcome to Ron. Go for he's his party is represented as Beedi. Y, which is the birthday party? which he said if he wins the presidency, it's everyday is gonNA be your birthday.

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