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To put themselves in that position. Many Central Texas school districts, including Austen is, you know they've decided to Ah, well, I've already decided on one per cent, virtual learning the 1st 3 weeks of the fall semester. But now the Texas Education Agency is planning to give district's even more choice. Deciding when to reopen in person at the TA tell CBS that they're no longer requiring district's toehold in person classes. To keep their state funding. As long as the decision comes from a local health officials and I think our local health officials, I have a feeling would probably sign off on that. We give the thumbs up to it to what to to online learning. Absolutely. Dr. Scott's has been very clear. Yeah, yeah, again. I just have a feeling that's what's going to end up happening. But if it does Okay, gives really a great opportunity to transform the education system. It's been kind of stuck where it is, since the turn of the century, teaching kids the very same way lot of kids will do very well, especially at the high school level with online education. I think others and others won't they might do quite well, actually. Yeah, it's forest actual grades goes far is learning. The material. However, I think they were the lack of social interaction on Gregory Base, but it's temporary. I know, but it's only for a few weeks that we find there away from No, they're able to social world were all limiting our celestial interact. But you're talking kids are very recent. They'll be fine. Just missing a few years now. But you're talking about this. As you're saying a chance to transform Thie education system and and make this a permanent situation. Give this option for a lot of other students. And, yes, a ce faras good grades in my workout funds for social interaction, being all the function in the world with other people. I think you're going to miss out greatly, and I think that is a big piece of this puzzle. No, but it's just temporary. It's not going to affect them. You know so much like you're talking about. It's not going to destroy the rest of their lives. But you're talkers. They can't hang out with her friend. It's for, you know, a few weeks, they'll be fine. But again, Todd I'm talking about what you brought up a ce faras. Transforming the education system is far is a lot of people going strictly. If that's what you meant as faras transforming this opportunity. I don't think that's going to be a good thing for everybody. Some, Yes, some. It's going to hold him back. Well, that's kind of been the problem with their education system. We've been teaching every kid the very same way for too many years. We all know we learn differently, right? It may be a good good thing, actually. Okay, You know, maybe some kids and some it won't. But we'll just have to see. Yeah, 7 11 Here, it K l B. J. Todd and don show Jeffries here want to tell you about my friends at furniture market? They've got two locations that you got to check out the first of the original location on South Bound I 35 between breaker and run burgling. But how about their new place? It's in Leander, the shops in Leander. They're just south of Highway 29 on 1 83 It's a beautiful show room.

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