Pandemic puppies: Demand for dogs skyrockets in quarantine

Clark Howard Show


Noticed so many people with new puppies. I? Don't know how new puppies have materialized in the massive numbers that suddenly I'm seeing. But there's even a term for it in the pet business right now, and they're called pandemic puppies. Americans Feeling more lonely and a lot of people lived part live in parts of the country where there been tight quarantines and all the rest have been tempted to get a pet to get a new puppy. Because of. The companionship that they offer and they can be absolutely great. But if you do get one. Know that the first place that any real pat lover would ask you to look is to look at one that is available with the rescue. Because not only will it save you a substantial amount of money? But it also finds a loving home. For a pet that. Got and well later. Turned out not to be such a good idea in their lives. And It is true that once you get a pet? You'RE GONNA pay some significant money in vet bills. I mean I feel like with our pets. Over the years we put a few veterinarians kids through college this point. It's. Can Get pretty expensive with what's involved in taking care of a pet so even if you get one. For free or nearly so from a rescue or a humane society or something like that no that. From that point. They're not as expensive as human children. But your puppy child will be a much more expensive addition to your house than you realize.

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