Yoga for Stress Relief with Katie Hay


So this is a treat I know. How Fun! Yes! Oh, this is Doug of course and I am joined by my wife Katie. Katie Hey, yoga therapists are way t five hundred yoga. There be therapeutic certified. What are your titles thing? You're not in this world profession yoga therapist I T so there's International Yoga International Association of Yoga Therapists and I'm also. I answered defied so. Awesome all the things I don't know if you know this, but your episode, the one. We did on injury prevention for runners. Or you know how to. Use Yoga for Andrew. Mention was like probably are maybe seventh, most popular episode ever out of three hundred twenty five episodes. Thanks everyone for listening to go back and listen to it. See when I said. Yeah, but so that one was so that was really popular, as we were thinking through new guests for the next few months. Like case comeback on people love. They're so welcome back you thanks for having me excited to be here. Yeah, well, life is a little different than it was last. Time your own. Yes, of course. For one, you're pregnant. We. Yeah. But of course, covert and everything else going on. has kind of shifted everyone's everyone's life over the last several months, and so today of injury, prevention or yoga for runner is. We wanted to talk about your for stress, release or stress management. And how you can use different Yoga philosophies whether they're asa like the physical practice. Mindfulness and breath work and all that stuff, right? Absolutely. You've got all the things that will help definitely, if scrutiny of the. Not. Good For, don't forget to don't. Don't hesitate to correct me. Well. Well, but but before we get all that. How's it going here? In North Carolina users still closed by law, so your studio has closed. What have you been up to you? Yeah? The studio has been closed in the physical fence. For almost four months now and Which is a big change? Yoga's very powerful, if ta and practiced together in person but we have gone online to like a like. Most studios have to offer livestream and on-demand classes have done a few outdoor classes. says big change. I think that's the big undercurrent right now for everyone is big changes going on in our lives. On many levels and a lot of uncertainty, and not knowing what. Tomorrow or later today we'll bring sure. Yeah so I think it had talks Matt. Frazier nine talks. I. Don't know a couple months ago about how? We was an episode on how people are pivoting and changing and and how we hope that some of those things stick you know once. Everything opens back up to normal and I was Kinda bragging on how you guys got the on demand like you recorded videos where you have a log in and you go on, and you can look at the library of different classes and. You know. Take any sort of your practice. You want through you. Your Studio House bragging on how you guys did that so quickly. So congratulations on that for sure. And if someone is interested in doing that, where would they were? They learn more about that. They can go to black. Mountain Yoga Dot Com, and we have a whole section there. That describes our online yoga offerings. We have over fifty practices online right now, and we are therapeutic studio, so a lot of our practices, most of our teachings are therapeutic yoga, which go beyond just physical postures into healing, the body mind heart soul. Which is kind of what we're talking about today? It's it's you bet. And heavier abyss nut to leave out. That you've offered a ten percent discount. Yet with Japan, could what? That what it was got it okay. Great awesome all right so. So. Let's talk about Yoga for I. Stress Management, so I think a lot when a lot of people think of Yoga they think of the physical practicing down dog and you know warrior, one and tree pose, and all those like poses that everybody knows and. I'm sure that people do associate that with stress relief or at least. You knows in right 'cause Yoga in kind of big correlation. But. How does that actually impact your? How does the physical practice actually impact? stress management. That's a great question, so we have for many decades when studying stress. Have turned toward the mind. which is very important, but a lot of The. Tools that have been offered have been around the mind, and what is being discovered now as it's being studied more. Is that one of the best ways to release stress in the whole system the mind, the nervous system in the body is through physical movement and that can take many forms some of y'all as runners. No, you go for run and you just feel reset. The stress reduces in your body and your mind, and whatever perspective you had before changes. And Yoga postures are similar and they're specifically designed to do that. Because you're in a posture, you're holding it. Sometimes, it can create a stress response where you're feeling intense feelings. Things are hard your mind saying. Let's get out of this. And you stick with it. Drop into your breath, and you learn how to be in relationship to that stress in a new way where you notice that you observe it. And you stay with it, and until it releases, so you are learning not to be taken over by the stress response, but instead how to notice when it's happening in your body, and then respond to it and I really mindful way.

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