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Hey, would you mind cinemas back bat boosted board when you get a chance? I sorry grow. Sorry. I broke doing an Ali. We should come up with a special icon for these reviews that either say, you know, busted or BUSTER approved. Did you break it inside of a week? I could do that. With a lot of them every expedition would just be the same as I k-. I broke this sorry. Busted again. But the fun part would be the story of how it got broken. Because he breaks them the strangest ways like when your friend sits on your MAC, book pro and breaks it like that's actually interesting. Because I would imagine that it doesn't happen to very many people. Yeah. Yeah. I did that too. See you have to have like busters kinds of friends who are real adventure driven who have like rock-hard gluts because those people they sit on your MAC book, their gluts are so soft and doughy it's not gonna hurt your map. But pro at all, but you get busters rock-hard gluts on your map of pro. What are we talking about? This episode. Sorry. I got lost in that. Visit I'm perspiring now who breath. Okay. So you might think to yourself surely there's no apple news. They could possibly have this week. And that's what I was thinking. I was sweating bullets putting this show together. Because I didn't think there was going to be any news. But surprisingly there is some stuff that we can talk about this week. So we're gonna talk about all this all the best apple news of the week. And we got lots of stories here. We're going to wrap up with discussion on the iphone ten. Our tennis and tennis match camera. I hadn't experienced with my ten are this last weekend. I had it with me. I also had my new Fuji film x t three camera, and I was put in a position where I wasn't really sure which camera to us because they were both doing so. Well, it was one of the strangest photographic experiences. I think I've had a long time because the camera on the x are. The ten are has gotten to be so incredibly good. So I'll tell you guys about the experience we can talk about those cameras. Let's see before we dive into the news. Let me go ahead and say thank you to ops..

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