Paul Ryan, Walmart, Donald Trump discussed on Jeffrey Kuhner


And i heart radio station needs one o'clock house speaker paul ryan his optimistic about progress on daca good afternoon i'm jackie murphy paul ryan says he still has optimism about getting a bipartisan agreement on daca i think we'll have i think we will be able to put together a dhaka compromise that has the majority support from our party in his weekly capital briefing ryan says lawmakers want to find a way to protect the dreamers ryan also says the lawmakers need to work on a number of other things including rebuilding the nation's military every day that goes by without adequate funding is another day we are pushing our military past the breaking point in it is a shameful situation the end we heavy duty to address it ryan also endorsed today's announcement by walmart saying they're raising the hourly wage for employees to eleven dollars an hour because of the new tax bell house democratic leader nancy pelosi sidestepping questions about president trump's claim that he is a very stable genius polos he spoke broadly and says she takes issue with anyone who claims to be a gene and yes she said she's more concerned about trump's policies and how they affect every day americans locally former base state senate president stan rosenberg separating from his husband a spokesperson confirming rosenberg has left brian hafner said several sexual misconduct allegations came out against hafner despite denying any wrongdoing rosenberg did voluntarily stepped down from his senate post last month a saline solution shortage made worse by an increasingly bad flu season has hospitals turning to gatorade dr paul bit injure of m g age says there's likely to be a surge in flu patients had area hospitals over the coming weeks and with the loss of production of saline bags due to the hurricanes had puerto rico manager says other options are.

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