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Today's podcast is brought to you by the prime original series. The marvelous MRs Mazel from executive producers, Amy Sherman palladino and Daniel palladino and starring Rachel Brosnahan, Alex bore Stein. Michael's Egan Marin Hinkle and Tony shalhoub now nominated for fourteen Emmys including outstanding comedy series, outstanding lead actress in a comedy series for Rachel Brosnahan's performance as midge Mazel and both outstanding directing for a comedy series and outstanding writing for a comedy series for Amy Sherman palladino open your heart to the show. The New York Times calls a superhero story. Only this time, the protagonists object is not to save the world, but to find a place in it to stand up for herself by doing stand up for herself, considerate marvelous in all categories. Okay. Wesley. So we're about to do some really interesting mental calisthenics. And and figure out how Omarosa feels like to us a type of black klansman. Yes, I'm going to go big. I okay. Okay. We're playing black jeopardy's. I'm excited back to you. Let klansman for five hundred. Alex gone. Well I mean, look, my inclination was to go. Hi. But I'm gonna go low, go obvious. Okay. We're talking about two stallworth what we met Omarosa America that Omarosa as Omarosa Nanan gold stallworth at so weird. I don't believe in coincidences. So this is your is this is interesting the stallworth coming from her first husband and here we are talking about one Ron stallworth. Fascinating. And the second thing I guess is they are both executing adventures kind of in the name of of black people kind of in the name of themselves partially out of kind of naievety about what they're actually doing and whether or not what they're doing can be effective at all or whether it even needs to be done. Right. I mean, that's a question. We have to ask ourselves, you know, they reached the abyss to pull out something and was it worthwhile. There's a scene toward the middle of black clansmen where. Where Ron basically says, listen, I don't think it's really possible that a guy like David do grow white supremacist could become president of the United States, and his boss is basically like, wow, sir, you you're really you to wake up class class that you lied. I mean, I guess we're supposed to believe that someone who wants to affect change by joining the police force in the first place is that naive about the, you know, the ideals of American democracy are has a belief system that is outdated, outmoded, but it's not ever clear where it comes from where he house imbued with any of that. You're making a great point though because one of the problems with both these projects at least for me is I don't know why either of these people is doing this in the first place like we don't really know from this book y. Omarosa really is working in the White House, like at least immerse stated goal of being the outreach coordinator for Africa, barricades in the Trump campaign and Trump administration, which we still don't know what that meant. She does. Explain it and we don't know. We literally shaking out. Picking up the phone? The other thing is like we don't know anything about Ron. We don't know where he came from. Why? Colorado Springs? Why is he so committed to stay on this police force? Eight, none of it is made clear. So both these people in their respective ways are kind of cypher figures, and there's no one really around who can crop rate or refute any of the testimonials of the accounts that are putting forth they might as well literally have been abducted by aliens and founding back like an own Rosa's book unhinged. She talks about how she advocated for Puerto Rico, all these various countries, various causes, and like maybe she did, but like, I'll never know like, I'll never know. And the same is true in Ron's book because this is a little bit of a spoiler but so is history. So I- decay. But at the end of the movie becomes apparent that for whatever reason, it's not really made clear to the moviegoer the investigation is terminated, and they're told. Destroy all the files related to this undercover sting that they've, they've been engaging in and they don't know why. And they're told budget cuts and they have to move on. But the point is though like the files were destroyed. So all we have to go on his runs account, and all we have to go on is gross account. Know to be fair to Omarosa phrases..

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