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A fourth day of protests winds peacefully through Philadelphia


Protests across Philadelphia Philadelphia we're we're a a lot lot more more subdued subdued Tuesday Tuesday night night than than in in previous previous days days K. K. Y. Y. W. W. Sadat's Sadat's Kucinich Kucinich has has more more on on their their message message demonstrators demonstrators Salah Salah Mohammed Mohammed tells tells me me he he was was moved moved at at moments moments during the fourth night of consecutive Philly protests against police brutality we passed by a number of very specific places in Philadelphia the liberty bell the national constitution center it's important to understand especially for Philadelphia why those moments were important in understanding at the moment of the liberty bell at the point of the constitution we work for you then and we still are today the March was mostly without incident according to Melvin singleton deputy commissioner of patrol operations this is been great Larkin holiday and his wife both of Ohio were among the thousands of protesters he tells me they took a break from the work they were doing in New Jersey if travel nurses to participate I think it speaks to a larger issue that this country has failed to deal with the systematic racism for this long that people are just tired of them in center city had asked president K. Y. W. news radio

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