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Hour Presented by indeed dot com A matte piper in New York The last time prices rose this much Ronald Reagan was present Consumer prices surged more than expected over the past 12 months That price jump was 7 and a half percent last month compared with a year earlier Nowhere is it more evident than at the pump where the average price of unleaded regular has hit its highest mark in 7 years What can we do about it all right It's like an electric car I don't know Nash Lee used car prices were up more than 40% eggs up 13% And if you're buying roses for Valentine's Day West Palm Beach florist Jessica simcock says tight supplies mean Those prices unfortunately having increased by 32 50% Peter king's CBS News This Justin CBS News confirms that the national archives referral to the Department of Justice includes the possibility that some of former president Trump's documents may have been classified information The national archives has asked the Justice Department to investigate Trump's handling of White House records So far they've gotten some 15 boxes from his Mar-a-Lago estate The Biden administration is pledging $5 billion to blanket the nation's highways with electric car charges One every 50 miles White House senior adviser Mitch landrieu These new EV charges will use American parts iron and steel They'll be installed up and down highway corridors across the country by IBW workers and the benefits will ripple out thousands of miles away Auto manufacturers in both Canada and the U.S. are shutting down plants or scaling back production as a result of that continuing truck blockade by people protesting Canada's COVID restrictions Ottawa police chief Peter slowly says they have made arrests There have been over 1700 tickets issued There have been a total of 25 arrests to date including criminal charges for mischief and menacing behavior It is 6 in the morning in Beijing a fresh start for one U.S. skier hoping to win a medal as our Steve reports from the Olympics Michaela schifrin is certainly hoping for better results today the first two events for her here in the Olympics have just been terrible She was disqualified in both she missed the gate in her first event the giant slalom and ended the same exact thing in her second event the slalom today it's the super G and shifrin is expecting to do much better The Senate approves legislation to ban private companies from forcing employers and customers into closed door arbitration in cases of sexual harassment and assault Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson lobbied Congress over the past 5 years to pass a law banning the clauses The bill will allow survivors.

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