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We'll be here for you, Mr New York Marks Ammon 10 to noon elite Northeastern media I believe everybody is stupid. People are stupid, Native New Yorker Buck Sexton, 6 to 9 Week night. We're supposed to believe that pollsters fact checkers. These are people that work in good faith. Not anymore. Live local and very New York Days on 7 10 W. O R. Mr New York. Mark Simone. Hey, Let's take some calls. 803 21. 07 10 is the number. Let's go, Teo, go to Kathie in New Jersey. Kathy, how you doing? How good Mark tell you Good. Good. I was thinking back to the were like none of the candidates. Not any enthusiasm. Maybe Bernie got a little traction. But Karma didn't even get out of the dugout right now that nobody was like interested in her. She's rule the people that are going to be in the Oval Office with Joe Biden. Nobody wanted what happened. That's a good point. Excellent point. Thanks for calling. You know, that's the problem. This is one of those races where the donor's took over the The lobbyists and the donors were running things. That's why they obviously don't want Bernie. That's why they got Biden. And the mystery was Kamala Harris. She was the worst performing candidate, the primaries. She was the first that dropped out. She never got a single vote in the primaries. Ah, how she got into probably some kind of donor arrangement with her and you know, they're talking about Bernie and Elizabeth Warren and you'll bring in all these It's the donor's running. Biden watch. You're going to see all the same people come back. The Eric Holder's the Rahm Emmanuel's All of that will come back. Let's go. Teo Dave in Chicago, Dave, how you doing? Very well. Mark. Good morning Mark. I was watching Fox News when Neal Kay Budo dumped out of Caylee McNamara's press conference, and I was absolutely shocked, and I've noticed a pattern here. Fox News also seems to be cutting away. With President Trump's rallies with increasing frequency they keep saying we're monitoring will bring it back and so on and so forth. They seem to have this attitude and I don't know if this comes from the CEO Suzanne Scott or not, but they seem to have an attitude Mark of Trump needs us more than we need him. Yeah, That's a good point. Thanks for calling, Dave. I don't know what the hell's going on, folks news, But you see, the whole idea was you got to Left wing networks. MSNBC and CNN. They split up that audience and then Fox has the conservative all to themselves, so they get in enormous numbers. Well, first off, we don't have it all themselves. News. Next TV is doing very well. There's a couple of this is Oh, and there's first TV. S o. It's a weird time they will start to go. A left wing anti Trump. And I don't know. I mean, you can't compete with CNN or MSNBC split everything three ways. I don't know what they're thinking. If you didn't hear it, Neil Cavuto cuts off the press secretary, The official White House press secretary is speaking. And carve Odo. Ah has a little hissy fit and he's in charge over there and says, Cut the feed. We wanted Honest, accurate, lawful count. We want maximum sunlight. We want maximum transparency Way wants every legal vote to be counted and we want every illegal votes. Well, I I just think we have to be very clear that she's charging up. The other side is welcoming fraud and welcoming a legal voting. Unless she has more details to back that up. I can't in good count mints. Continue showing you this. Well, thank God for Neil Cavuto, the lone Ranger fighting for truth, Justice the American way. What? What did she say? That was wrong, she said. We want every legal vote counted. We don't want any illegal Votes counted, and he says, I must stop that. We can allow that to be. What did she say? That was wrong? I don't see anything wrong with that now. What is going on with this game? He just didn't like it. I don't know. I don't know something that clip well, you'll be hearing that clip for the rest of your life. That's unbelievable. Let's goto Johnny, the truck driver, Johnny, how you doing, Omar hanging in there. I'm hoping you know, people are saying that some should concede. But Hillary said five and under no circumstance in a tough spot. He's like the Russian learns at 42. He just needs to find out later the yoga and pull out a victory. Here any way he can. All right. Thanks for calling. Trump does his best work in tough spots. Hey, we have that Hillary clip on the Web page. If you wantto if you wantto look at it, or he says, you, talkingabout do not concede no matter what the votes don't concede. That's Hillary's advice. Hey, also, everybody is dumping out of Twitter. Besides cable news. People are getting disgusted with Twitter. If you like Trump, you're losing followers every day. I'm losing like 100 followers a day. I think of lost of that. Since since last week s, so everybody is going over to parlor That's the new Twitter. It's the more honest fair Twitter P A. R L E. R So follow me over there on everybody. President Trump everybody. Sean Hannity Rush. Everybody's on parlor P A. R l E R parlor That's the new Twitter so sign up over there. When we come back, we'll talk to Joe Contra. So we'll see what he thinks about the IOC and about the election and what's going to happen here and these anchors who keep young. There's no proof of any of you, but we'll do that in a moment. On 7 10. W O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett. Okay, Mark. Mayor de Blasio calls it a warning sign. A number of cases and positivity rate continues to climb to a level that the mayor says it's dangerous. He says there's still time to turn back of second wave. Pope John Paul. The second was warned of sexual molestation allegations against Theodore McCarrick. But the Vatican says Pope John Paul naively believe McCarrick's denial and he was made a cardinal. He was defrocked last year by Pope Francis. President elect Biden threatening legal action against the General Services Administration. They're not officially recognizing his winning the election, which means Biden doesn't have access to funding classified information or secure facilities. Supreme Court hearing arguments over Obama care today at issue whether the individual mandate is constitutional. The next update at noon breaking news at one start today with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning, 6 to 10 tomorrow. I'm Joe.

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