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Article on the vietnam war sociology. Professor richard lockman explored how the conflict change the average americans views on the military when the confrontation began many citizens including john had little understanding of just how deadly the situation on the ground was the true number of casualties was often downplayed or not. Reported on at all misinformed. Young men were convinced they could find honor or glory fighting for their country instead. Many failed to make it back home. As american slowly began to comprehend the situation attitude started to change people grew less tolerant of violence and as professor lachmann wrote began celebrating self expression and individual tommy. John had firsthand experience with the tragedies of the war and was fortunate to escape with his life. His conservative philosophy cracked when he finally returned home in october. Nineteen sixty seven. His worldview was entirely changed. No longer interested in fighting. John was all about love as soon as he got back to new york. He and carmen were married Unfortunately the war hadn't done anything detained. John's ego he was just as self centered as ever and considered his own desires more important than anyone else's including his new bride. His arrogance made him unable to compromise on every issue. It was his way or the highway and when he didn't get what he wanted his temper flared. Carmen sell the first signs of trouble on their wedding night during the reception. Following the ceremony. They had a huge argument over what to do with their wedding money. According to her the fight was so bad that their priests wanted to annul their union right then and there despite their issues. The couple tried to make it work but john was unable to change his ways. Their relationship took a nosedive and in june of one thousand nine hundred sixty nine twenty five year old. John walked out on karmen. Didn't bother to give his new wife any warning one day. She simply came home and found their place empty. Not only had john vanished but he'd taken all of their belongings for himself. Carmen's future was shattered before her is all that remained was a note that read i left. Go to your mother's. John didn't feel any remorse for leaving carmen. Behind newly single he was much more concerned with his own libido after his experiences in the army he became what he called sexually oriented. It no longer mattered whether he was intimate with a man or a woman all he wanted was sex A week after hand. Carmen broke up. John learned about the gay activists alliance while the organization was focused on the advancement of rights for lgbt people. John was more interested in their parties. He joined the g. a. n. became a member of the entertainment committee. He exploited his position to meet new members and sleep with as many people as he possibly could to him. The movement was all about sex. He rarely if ever attended meetings and the ideals of community and brotherhood. Were irrelevant to him. In general he didn't seem to care much for the political interests or rights of lgbt people. He just used the organization as a dating pool for the next two years. He took advantage of new members to get them into bed. But around nineteen seventy-one. John noticed his pierce taking on a different attitude. It seem like everyone. He met was more politically involved than he was an effort to stay close to them. He started to become more active as well. He attended meetings and had a key role in a protest at the wedding bureau. In early june though his own marriage hadn't worked out. Jones still believed in love and weddings. He felt strongly that. Lgbt people should have the same right to get married as anyone else. Two days after the protests as thoughts of romance in love still swirled in his mind. John matt twenty-four-year-old. Liz eaten john wolf through the crowded street. At the annual saint anthony's feast in little italy. The festival was packed and the aroma of fresh food hung in the air. Like an inviting cloud he wandered past the carts installs lost in the sea of faces for a while. No one caught his eye. Usually he'd see at least one or two perspective hookups. But today he wasn't.

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