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It's gotta be fix it's to be very but an down the flip side you have these very talented young american players which i'm excited for absolute but everyone and you and i want to encourage that here's a flip side as he can radical massive amounts of money fifteen million i believe for like seventy percent of his transfer you you you won his signature from send the biggest clubs in the world that's a massive a steppingstone for major league soccer i along with allowing these players young players to come here if we're not gonna let these players develop let's allow them to leave i don't care if it's a steppingstone to two european leagues if we could have that credibility like the portuguese league like the air and hall and if we can have the credibility of being a good place replay young players to develop that's good on the league that's good for us in general ride on we will will revisit at another day but let's talk about storylines storylines a major league soccer bids now with that was my story line that was your store lawyer sorry i jumped ahead yet another one come to my story line i mean very close to home is is the the next expansion team that's coming with all the momenturm and spending the money on high profile players what are the expectations and you talked about alaves is all right still an expansion team but the expectations are to make the postseason at the very least while you said the ending us right now i would be leaning towards them not making it in the west yeah i like to play mccartan i'll be financed leeson prize when they do is carlos belo care so that he came out holden as hammi walking off at the end and he i think it was more precaution a user i can tell you 100 percent but i mean the the feedback we are gay and he was like very positive you didn't we wasn't too guimbi when he was walking out the back they had some dinner for themselves out because he's a big story line not just him i would say the the oak tree players in major league soccer i hope they do well be as i think those guys sunkar and those guys are making a.

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