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We're starting again now. And just as he was on his way back up, she fell in love with another man. The happiest girl in the world with hate, Dorothy Stratten. He suffered an unspeakable tragedy. Playboy magazines 1980 Playmate of the Year has been peace. He is Heo, Geo and Kay em Why I HD to San Diego. Live local breaking. What was he doing there? Enclave Albert of the Koga New Center been arrested the military base where the president flies in and out of Air Force one. The man is in custody today following his arrest at joint base Andrews outside Washington. The man who the Air Force says had several warrants for his arrest was caught exiting a C 40 plane like the one used by the vice president, defense secretary and congressional leaders. The 7 37 style plane has an exterior that looks similar to Air Force One we now have learned. The Air Force has launched an IG investigation and worldwide review of security measures at air Force of bases and flight lines around the world. Following this alarming incident. This Jennifer Griffin reporting from Washington at this hour, she says the man was turned over the local authorities in Maryland because he has two warrants for his arrest. The investigation continues today at the 29 Palms Marine Base here in Southern California into the case of some deadly explosives that are still missing. Sources tell reporting part of 10 News £10 of C four couldn't be found after a training exercise on the base. Retired bomb technician captain Kelly mayor saying £1 of the explosive like that is powerful. Could demolish house say a single family residence could you could blow the roof off of the house? You could blow walls out from it. Sources tell 10 News. The Marine base is offering a reward for any info leading the discovery of those explosives. Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is blasting Republicans criticizing her account of the U. S Capitol. Right in January. She says that she was trapped in her office is protesters were just outside of the hall, leaving heard of fear for her life. South Carolina Republican Congressman Nancy Mace, though, says a Casio criticism count is not accurate. Telling Fox is a story with Martha MacCallum. There were no rioters in the hallways coming to our offices that day. We were fearful that that might happen. But that never happened. And we were 7 to 10 minute walk away from Theo Capitol Dome, where the violence was transpiring president buying today, refusing to cut the size of the next stimulus check for Americans, he says. People were promised $1400, and that's what they'll get. Biden turned down calls from some Republicans to drop the amount of $1000, but it's still unclear who will get the money. Super Bowl 55 this weekend will feature the first woman to officiate the big game. NFL referee Sarah Thomas will act as the game's down judge on Sunday. NFL executive Troy Vincent saying that Her great performance. That commitment has earned her the right to this well deserved Honor. Kogan's time 403. Let's check the freeways now. Coco's real time traffic. I can't come sometime Traffic in the North County he's found 78 Sycamore out past Twin Oaks and the five to the 15 will take you 29 minutes. We've got North 15 very stacked up from the 76 all the way up to make Kayla and it looks like the travel time there from the 78 is 41 minutes. Already, South bound drives were sluggish Oviedo five from the 1 63 down on the 15 and also.

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