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Below the poverty line. This is P.. Ns Kentucky Kentucky lawmakers considering a bill that would prevent seriously mentally ill defendants receiving the death penalty a handful of other states including Ohio. Virginia and in Indiana recently have pushed similar legislation. Patrick Dante of the Kentucky Coalition to abolish the death penalty says the bill does not exclude everyone with some form of mental illness from capital punishment. Only those with severe disorders such as schizophrenia. And so it doesn't seem fair. In a system of justice that seeks is to punish someone and also show people the difference between good and bad he says the bill is similar to a Kentucky law passed in the early nineteen nineties that bars people bill deemed to be mentally disabled from being executed. I'm not from Lagaan. The National Alliance on mental illness and other groups have publicly stated their opposition into executing people with serious mental health issues. The Pine Ridge Indian reservation in southwestern South Dakota will be the site of one hundred million dollars. Our Solar Energy Generation Project Roz Brown reports for pianists. The State's public utilities commission approved a lookout solar park this week for property about eighty miles from rapid city to build the state's first large-scale solar facility. A German company will lease the land from the rap family. Lynn rap is a member of the Oglala Sioux tribe who was represented the family and hopes the historic project will be an example for other reservations. And then we know that win. A- dollars spent it turns over over seven times in communities where disease and our reservation talents are desperate for care. The lease agreement is the first of its kind for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and finally our gladys tells us a coalition of conservation. Groups are taking the US Fishing Wildlife Service to court over its proposal to postpone phasing out winter winter feeding at the Jackson Hole. National Elk refuge recent winners of more than eight thousand elk crowded on refuge feed lines for Alfalfa pellets provided headed by the agency Connie Wilbur with Sierra Clubs Wyoming chapter one of the groups joining the lawsuit says the time for fishing wildlife to take steps to prevent the potentially catastrophic at a straw fix spread of disease is now this service needs to start saving out feeding on the refuge now before the refuge kids becomes infected with chronically wildlife officials detected chronic wasting disease in Jackson hole in two thousand eighteen. And Biologists say it's just a matter of time before it reaches elk drawn to easy winter food supplies Wyoming livestock producers and hunters have urged fish and wildlife to keep the winner program in place to keep elk elk.

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