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11 99, www. Beauty by requesting for Mad Dog. You know exactly Right. Winnable Majority. 704570 11 10. It is a wonderful show on Twitter at winnable show. Also. What do your Doherty Matt on on the Twitter is that we're people. Fifi. I am at Darty. Matt. Yeah, Authority, Matt. And don't forget to download the radio dot com app. Take us with you every place you go because Well, after all, you want to keep in touch and you want to stay connected. That's the best way to do it. It's a great app. I listened to it when I'm on the road. Sometimes you know, at a range and it's it's It's really good. Enjoy staying in touch with you. And the governor and short wf Enzi sports and that it's a It's a terrific at, you know, it's it's It's incredible. Look at this world that we're living in. Right now. We're gonna get this covert thing with the governor of with the mayor of Nashville here, quick, Oh incompetence there, But I just In fact, in the break I forwarded you a quote that I think is is particularly insightful in this day and age. Um There is a quote that says this It is claimed that in times of grave emergency Hey, there, there There is a quote says. It is claimed, in times of grave emergency. The use of means may be justified. Which in normal times would not be considered. But who is to decide whether that emergency is grave enough tow warrant the application of dangerous measures. So how do you know how bad off ur toe pull that that switch? Every government and every political party in power is inclined to regard the difficulties it has to cope with as extraordinary. And conclude that any means for combating them is justified. The drug addict who says he will abstain from tomorrow on I will never conquer the drug habit. We have to adopt sound policy today, not tomorrow. And that is ah! From Ah, missus who's an economist, Um This speaks directly to what we've seen play out here with this covert crisis. It's not that the people are doing it. The people have been told to wear masks. You wear the masks. The businesses have been shut down their shut down. You can't go to the gym. You can't go out to eat. You can't go to a theater. You can't go to a game. Everybody has complied. And yet the government keeps moving, thes goal posts They keep saying, Well, we just need a little more of this. If you're asymptomatic, don't get tested. If you're asymptomatic now you've got to get tested. You tested positive you have to quarantine for 14 days. You didn't end up having a temperature. You can change it up. The government is using this for everything imaginable, Mac Doherty. And when we look at the situation and national, which is a a clumsy way of sliding into this national conversation where you have a mayor who kept The actual riel numbers. Secret in Nashville. And you look at this. Keeping low Corona virus numbers a secret. And it's only because a leaked e mail goes out to Fox 17 in Nashville, showing that in late June, contact tracing numbers for construction and nursing homes had thousands of Corona viruses cases. But bars and restaurants only had 22 government will take whatever action they can because they'll say it's an emergency. Yeah, it's a major leadership issue on, Duff said this Maybe a couple months ago on this show to me when a leader faces adversity they need tto do about four things. And I think first is be upfront. Get out front, like be visible control the narrative. Be honest without throwing anybody under the bus without creating Ah panic and You know, that's where people get on trump. Well, he wasn't honest. Well, he didn't want to create Ah, a national Praise right fear that would negatively impact the stock market. The grocery stores And then get input from your senior. Staff. And and communicate that message with a ray of hope for a brighter day because everyone needs to feel like tomorrow next week. Next month. Next year will be better in Vail. Calmly, then adhere to the plant. About what? That mayor did. Nashville. The worst thing you do is insult people, right? Like, Make the assumption you can't handle the truth as a quote Jack Nicholson absolute right. Absolutely. You can't handle the truth. They're like, Well, we're not in first grade here. You can tell us Oh, and it's just a lack of leadership. You know, when, when? When? You know I heard this on the N B a game tonight. You know? Pressure can bust pipes or create diamonds. In this case, it busted a pipe, but people who handle pressure situations Flawlessly. Create those those jewels. In this leaked e mail that went to Fox 17. That is a great take. It showed in late June. Contact tracing numbers for construction and nursing homes had thousands of Corona virus cases, bars and restaurants only had 22 in a city like Nashville natural. I mean, if you had been an actual impact women, absolutely. In an email to an advisor for the mayor's office, the Health Department official Leslie Waller wrote. This isn't going to be publicly released, right? This is just supposed to go to the mayor's office. Correct not for public consumption, said Benjamin Eagles and adviser to Mayor Cooper in Nashville. By July, the health Department was confronted about the rumor that only 80 Corona virus cases. Had been traced to bars and restaurants. Tennessee Lookout reporter Nate Row asked the Health Department. The figure you gave of more than 80 does lead to a natural question if there have been over 20,000 positive cases of covert 19 in Davidson and only 80 or traced to bars and restaurants. Doesn't this mean bars and restaurants are in a very big problem. The Health Department official, Brian Todd, then asked. The Health Department officials had to respond to the question. And they said that internally we certainly refused to give counts per bar because those numbers are low per site. We could release the total, though, and then a response to the over 80 could be because the numbers increasing all the time and we don't want to say a specific number. That's cooking the books that's thumb on the scale 100%. That is disgraceful. We'll talk about it more straight ahead and take your reactions. This is merely a metaphor for everything going on in the country, folks. 704570 11 10 on Brett Winnable That's majority new stock will have it at 99. W Mike.

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