226 - 50 Hour Days


Hello and welcome to my favorite murder the podcast. Thursday podcast, right? That's carrying kill Sarah. That's George, Heart Star Kyw and she is say one year older. And I say. Forty years fucking right, that's. Right Dr Done. How it feel, it feels fine I, feel like you're dozen easier for figuring out who you WanNa be thirties are trying to achieve that end your forties are for Fuckin- enjoying it. You know for pills. That's that's my whole life. For is for upping your intake of pill rate great. My sister told me that I always all I'm ever doing his accusing people being on pills. Says that person was clearly on pills. We're watching a lot of viral videos stuff there on pills. She's like you say that about everybody. You're probably right half the time. At least I think I think. I am though a lot of people use a lot and I don't mean like meds. They need and standard stuff I mean like pills probably shouldn't be on. Oh okay. Pills that make them think they should go up to other people and seven eleven and tell them things that aren't true. That kind of stuff. Oh, then there's a fucking shit. People on pills You're right. You're right there on Karen. Pills is what they're on. Also. Just you know not to get off your birthday, but. Very quickly. GET OFF IT I. don't care that they call people Karen. Seem to feel the need to defend Mir's. It has nothing to do with me, I mean. Sometimes I can Karen out for sure, but yeah, it's not Seat to be scrawling on twitter and like see people yelling at you. Don't take it that way when I Like Joran. State and when I see like news from Georgia. That's always fucking negative I'm like sorry, it's not me. You have a series voter suppression issue. Georgia. Sick it i. want everyone to vote twice. I'm provost. Wait what that's even another. I am pragmatic. I actually just started following this account on twitter. Black votes matter who were completely on that that whole thing that happened I believe it was in Atlanta right. And they went out aside from of course obviously reporting, it's everybody that needed to know about it. And getting the word out. They also went and started giving those. There are people who waited in line for twelve hours to vote twelve hours. They didn't get out of there to like eleven o'clock at night and black votes, matters went, and we were handing out like pizza and water to people and stuff like helping them. Stay in line to vote. Yeah, it's beautiful. Yeah, but it has to stop. A has to change. Yeah, and Georgia needs to Georgia better. Get Your Shit together better George Better Georgia please. They'll do it. My that's Karen. What did you did you hang on zoom with the FAM- on your birthday? What did you? Do. You want it doesn't matter was my fortieth birthday in quarantine rented a bunch of Nice things. I actually cried multiple times for real. It was like a very nice thoughtful. Bokram didn't like touched way. Yes, or not guess, dump your feet. Way Like Oh shit. She's having a forty year old Tantrum Cheryl way. Were all touched ways. Oh, we can. Did you get something like really nice? Is there anything you want to share with us that he got for you? You're always at like. He did because he knew I didn't want like one of those drive by wave of Georgia. Birthday thanks. Of Choice. Yeah. Right like wavy. Drive by thinking I'm like. Not so instead he reached out to just a couple longtime, close girlfriends, and asked them to send to give him a name title of book. That meant a lot to them. And he'd get a by the book local bookstores everyone, and then he said we gave it to me unread what the book meant to them and my? Thought. I would like it and so just. This like really sweet like you know I know you love this so this I got you this book. That's beautiful is really lovely, and so I definitely cried. They're just like a lot of I. I have I have lovely people in my life I'm very lucky yet, looting! You do make so much, did you? Did you also cry because he can't read? You can't read any trading. I tried to eat the book I thought he was going. I have to ruin the moment Georgia. Tales? To bring the Karen Element to the George of story. So and thank you to everyone. Of course, the birthday wishes no. It's not a midst of can. You know train wreck happening in the world. People took the time to say happy birthday to me and that was very nice of you. I you listen. It's you know what you had this year. Your Forty S in June of twenty twenty is like the most historical year kind of today. This big shit going down. This is the biggest day. Let's ever happened in our lives life. Yeah, on the face. It feels negative, but there's this undercurrent. It's very stressful and difficult for a lot of people and really. You know it's also there's there's a lot of people really scared and. But then there's also there's just this kind of epic change. Feel to it right like. I've never seen political action like this in my life. It's

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