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Eight some what I'll call it somewhat significant injury hasn't been completely ripped off yet the Roy Williams play hasn't happened to like eight or nine games into the season but it's obvious that his abdomen is not right and he's affected it's clear yet yet despite having Brian Westbrook any review go back and look at the stats of those first eight weeks Andy Reid had dynamique nav dropped back to pass seventy nine percent of the time yeah seventy nine I went back and looked at a few years ago John seventy nine percent of the plays were called pass plays while the star quarterback in his prime has you know a real injury in the in the mid section seven you're trying to get him through and try to get a better member like whatever Rogers heard his name the first week versus the the bears like two years ago whatever was like that's not the time in the next eight weeks just to pass the ball seventy nine percent of the time so I agree with you that's one example one to me huge example guarantee if you had to do it again and you read would do it differently with I cannot guarantee it I can't believe he's learned I mean this was his experimental phase right here in Philadelphia logically yeah we got the experimental phase again at the perfected final result unbelievable two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four Hey coming up I don't know what to make of this guy I'm not talking about the player I'm talking about the guy and I'm not talking about McNab someone else in Philadelphia sports tell you next year to cover John rich on WPA sportsradio ninety four W. I. D.'s once and for all is sponsored by bush auto group he's Joe bush with his take on Donovan McNab will always be under appreciated by the Philadelphia fans because of his personality mainly but also because of all the damn ball he threw in the dark but if you look back and take a peek at the stats you'll see that this that's gonna prove otherwise you get if you really think about it he did give us many years of winning seasons and some playoff pushes it wasn't really.

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