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There were moves to indict him to when he was in power which prompted his resignation. He then went to prison for sixteen months on charges of corruption and Mr Olmert joins me now from Tel Aviv. So prime minister almost welcome to the program. Evening. Can we get to the bottom of this? Case that may lead urination into uncharted territory. What is the difference between the stress to indict the sitting prime minister on these charges of corruption. And what happened to you? Very briefly since I wrote about it in my autobiography for more than nine hundred pages. Just recently, I was charged on all kinds of things that took place many many years ago long before I became prime minister. And I don't want to go into these. Now as I say, I never admitted never accepted. But that's not the case everything that Netanyahu is invited. For major indictment is a thinks that took place while he is Prime Minister Major things. So there's a big difference between these two events. I was never charged. No accused knowing bite it for anything. There was done. Why I was minister of the state of Israel. Okay. So we we've we've separated the sort of prime ministerial mandate while this was happening to you Benjamin Netanyahu was your political opponent. And he said that under these league. Threads. You had no moral mandate to make crucial decisions. Would you say the same of him? And what do you think is the correct order? I guess you'll say that he should resign. But he's not going to resign. And he denies these allegations. Number one. I wanted to say that not only that he say that I should resign by he was very much a part of the conspiracy that brought me down with American money that was given to him by major American figures try to buy the elections in Israel as they try to buy the elections in America. This is a part of a story, which will still be told one day. This is about Netanyahu's past performance. I don't want to pass judgment about the possible indictment or the prime minister. This will be done in the hearing the attorney general supreme court. But what I do want to say is what Netanyahu is doing now in order to protect his political career in order to better the possible charges and the legal system is seriously endangering the. Basic fundamental values of the mockery that we have practiced in Israel seen steak proclamation of the state of Israel. He's he is attacking the attorney general he's attacking the police, and he is the pri- the acting prime minister as prime minister, he is betting against all the law enforcement agencies of the country, and he's also taking all kinds of strange once should say even dangerous type such as the alliance with the Jewish power the extreme right-wing parties, he's trying to polarize the state of Israel between the left or between, those whom he considered to be the left-wingers whom he more or less, call traitors. And we are talking about people that until recently were the commanders of these very army. This is absolutely insane. Certainly to think that the major opponents of Netanyahu are Major General Benny. Ganz who I think is likely to become the next prime minister. Well, let me take down into some of this. Let me just ask you a few questions on important issues that you've raised because this Jewish power party that prime minister Netanyahu has forging an alliance with has been criticized even by APEC in the United States, which is a store supporter of prime minister Netanyahu API calls the Jewish power racist. And reprehensible how can the prime minister really continue in this aligns won't it become untenable even for his American supporters. Look, the prime minister is at this time is focused on one thing. And only on one thing to remain prime minister. I personally think that he will not be able to continue after the elections. And as I said, I think that it is likely it's not certain Stu early. We still have a man's in this volatile area and months is a long time. But I think that it's likely that ma- general guns will become the next prime minister of Israel and Bibi Netanyahu will go to fight his better in court. But they alliance that he formed with the right-wing is part of the strategy that he has adopted throughout his tenure as prime minister..

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