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Chad Benson, George Floyd And President discussed on WIBC Programming


Life this is Chad Benson all Americans were rightly second I'm revolted by the brutal death of George Floyd he will not have died in vain I am here president of law and order and an ally of all peaceful protesters but in recent days our nation has been gripped by professional anarchists violent mobs arsonists looters criminals riders antifa and others trump yesterday rose garden so real maybe the most surreal thing I've seen and I couldn't even tell you if you saw the pictures of yesterday trump is holding a press conference rose garden kind of comes down quickly it's good to speak he spoke in the day to the people out there that are the governors of the states pissed off and angry about the way they restarted did restart call them weak said they need to dominate several governors including I will say this I've talked to a few Republican governors who've said I I don't there's no words show trump you're watching this thing come down I paint a picture if you didn't see it so you've got the the the social distancing journalists that are all out there in there in the rose garden in there you know six six feet apart then you've got a flurry of activity you've got military police you've got the DC police you've got secret service you have some other military people you have military vehicles all kind of on the wall we've got protesters have been out there if you've ever been to DC ever you go to the White House there's always somebody protesting twenty four seven somebody's pissed about something it doesn't matter who's president they're out there with the banner this that the other you ever been anywhere I remember Obama would come out to palm springs and he I would say it was probably five hundred or a thousand yards from my house is a place where he would meet with world leaders G. when she came out here they met and the roadblocks everywhere and the protesters everywhere the chaos and craziness doesn't matter but because of what took place George Floyd this was extra spicy right when you guys it was actually was a regular spicy was excellent well that's spicy so you got all these protesters they've been out there the night before trump in the bunker supposedly I don't think trump said I want to go to the bunker I think this answer it might be time for you to go down to the bunker because these people getting close and it doesn't matter who the president is I have news for you you can like him or hate him love him despise him the secret service job is to protect the president no matter who he or she is and that's exactly what they're going to do they they don't play around they don't leave it to chance and I think you heard some of that it was a little upset so is this picture all of this stuff is going on comes out delivers his speech and will touch on the speech about you know you guys better do this or else I'm militarizing but then he has them move the protesters he has the move the protesters so he can take a photo op at a church across the street that was burned and looted and I'll be completely honest with you it was uncomfortable to watch it was uncomfortable to see even the Dickens like I I'm sorry that was in the Bible and the Bible and I don't even know what like he's holding it up it was a prop and I just sit there and I thought to myself look I want to get into church not the church the whole nine yards you know the she talked about the in the visit itself I was sitting watching the news with my mother when when I saw when I saw what what everyone else saw yeah him there right you know and people so I can't believe that you know this church and this ladies come out of deconstructing about how all of the stuff it just shows you look she's and by did since that church the presidents are welcome as citizens of this country to pray alongside fellow citizens to kneel before god in humility and to rededicate themselves to the task to which they've been elected great I no problem with any of that stuff you do need to do the photo op yesterday could have done it earlier in the day she talked about the moving the protesters the way you did sorry I felt it was a bit much I did there was a lot of this yesterday and if you care about the secret service and the police this was unnecessary putting yourself in a situation where there's risk and unnecessary risk was a bit much for me trump is gonna do what trump does a lot of that's to get a radical and and and and to piss people off he does that but that's him but the thought process of what went through his mind yesterday at some point in time I said let's just have I would say let's just have this indoors this is what I'm gonna say but that's not trump I think you should know that but it was so surreal to watch this thing yesterday break down in the middle of the day and I'm telling you guys the thought of him being made fun of in the bunker even though I don't think he said I want to go to the marker I think you just said you know I'm just gonna you know they're said Sir we need to move it out of the bunker even with that he wanted to show yesterday this is who I am and it was just it was again and then he goes on before that even talk about yeah we're gonna if you don't do the National Guard if you don't do this we don't do some of the things we're going to sorry a lot of this stuff to me I'm for long ordeal to states handle if they have a problem they'll come to you if they've got some and some of this is on the police force I was talking to James Gagliano from CNN yesterday you know we're chatting is is you know it's it's the Ferguson effect and the Ferguson effect is this cops don't want to be seen as the bad guys anymore especially when the lights on that so the more willing and apps to allow certain things to happen in hopes and prayers that eventually people run out of steam and go home so they don't have to look like quote unquote the bad guys and I think you're seeing that I think what you're seeing in a lot of places is and and and people are the leaders are coming out and saying it like they used to right because we saw with Freddie gray member with Freddie gray they they they what did they tell the police chief you just back off let him do the things led to be angry let him burn stuff and and and just let it go and I think what we've seen is understanding people are past understanding people are angry and damn Skippy they have every right to be the reality is while all this is happening you've also got to have a presence because as they continue to to loot and to to break things and to light things on fire you're doing a disservice to the people some stores you should be texting whose livelihoods you should be protecting and it just feels like maybe just maybe a little bit more presence doesn't mean you have to rush in there for cracking heads but a little bit more presence in certain areas we wouldn't be in this situation we wouldn't pay and this is the perfect storm we've got covert nineteen we've had people in all you know for for months we've got all of this stuff going on there's a perfect storm of of anxiety and then you top it off with what took place last Monday with the officer and George Floyd but the thought of militarizing mobilizing our military uncomfortable to me and yeah I'm a little upset by the way that some forces around the country have just stood back and allowed certain things to happen you don't have to Russian and crack heads at the same time maybe just maybe a little bit more show of force and we'll see what takes place at some point in time you gonna have to deal with at some point in time three two three five three twenty four twenty three at seventeen shows or Twitter hope you had a good day against the real yesterday so bizarre just absolutely him watching this thing and I'm like really you know and I knew trump was gonna come out I'm like I'm watching like he's gonna come out is he pissed off if you say something because he's mad because people make fun of him and he listens to that stuff way too much he does and I'm gonna get blown yes we're talking about still understand trump should somebody says to me yesterday you don't even understand you're not even fifty carries a briefcase that's fine never said I was he is you're just not because he could've done this two weeks ago I'm like really two weeks ago so why should he have done this two weeks ago because we wouldn't have this situation so he should have known that a white officer was gonna kill somebody last Monday so he should put in place the mobilization of our military or whatever happened that's all you need to know you know you're paying attention stop drinking the Kool aid on both sides three two three five three twenty four twenty three HM Benson show Twitter ray cons best ear buds around tell you what I love my ear buds and everybody was just deals I'm always having a Jack still mayor Jackson they're awesome there really are if your home and so many people are home at work and at home in it you got the kids and there's noise and this is just a different environment and you're trying to listen to what people are saying that the dangling stands in the wires and it's just get rid of those get the twenty five separate counts of the past year buds around six hours of playtime seamless Bluetooth pairing a better sound quality.

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