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We'll finish on this. Oh jason this point. I mean you know. There's there's more touchdown potential as you see and like you said scratching the surface. His prop was four and a half catches. You know it was Not a bad play on under We have one of our experts on. Excuse that tim doyle and the logic was right but you know you see what the upside could be as. He starts to develop his route tree. And you know. He's he's abusing corners. I mean i'm already starting to think that he's going to be like a top thirty pick in-draughts next year without question. He's what he's doing what. Aj brown supposed to be doing and thinking about reggie around. I was interesting this last night and started. We're going along here but just last thing. If you're doing a startup dynasty draft today as jomar chase in easy first round pick. He's in the conversation. I think you look. how receivers should be drafted dynasty. And you know think we're just in jefferson. How he put himself in position last year. Martinez doing the same thing so it. It'd be tough to keep them in the first round around her but not not sugar. All right you just don't see this type of production in the first five games of someone's career very often okay guys names. what's that. Oh i decide to the quarterback for four four years at least but houston five four games my bad you want an edge on setting your dfs lineups all right. Well first of all. I can watch. Cbs sports hq on fridays. We give you. Dfm advice there.

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