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True it's spreading this is the worst scandal i've been covering hollywood for almost two decades and this is the worst scandal in the history of all it were they've damaged their brand of beer away they ended couriers there i think there some careers that will never be brought back will level by war here's projects that have been cancelled there are now a marketing games bitterly danger and want to be taken burners that you look at people that have been accused of various forms of sexual behavior bayan coup people have been awarded um and herald people that have one austerer like graf what dostam hoffman kevin spacey um james told back david overall seoul uh and of course go hollywood community has tolerated behavior minute mid admitted criminal sexual assault committer roman away ski and woody allen who's been accused of criminal behaviour and these both both of these people uh been given oscars so i go i still think that at the upper levels of hollywood they don't get it they still think they're playing the game of the damage control and pr give you an example uh both television academy that i'm a member of and the motion picture academy having now damned of harvey weinstein for white yeah at the motion picture academy still has woman poll woody allen and get this they have casey apple eric as a presenter next here now guilting to online petition arched asking the academy to prevent casey affleck because he's he's had sexual harassment lawsuit against him i mean it's it's the worst mind of optic so i don't i don't think they're they're hypocrisy is still intact and that many in the hollywood community don't get it and you sir recently michelle piper called it this is systemic and but i think we jackie don't you getting scared because you care calculating uh business lawsuits um you know what somebody like kevin spacey has to cancel his show and pull out of rome projects that means that potential uh projects are losing money and so that's something they have to pay attention to it and also focusing on kepting straight the um allegedly is accused of sexually assaulting a minor yes and that brings up the unspeakable subject of criminal pedophilia day corey fouled has been running around trying to get someone to pay attention to am four of many many years and now now they are paying attention in all of us may get the entertainment industry will never be.

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