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And there are consequences and that's the thing like there should be some looking us now however many months after january six. What's really happened since nothing. It's just been slept in the fucking rug that hundreds of people storm the fucking capital and like did all kinds of crate like and we're just sweeping. That should have been wrong. All the fucked up shade trump did in office did in his time in business. All the he'll never go to jail. He'll never be punished because he was the. Us president and that sets a bad precedent to the world. If we admit that we actually criminal a criminal criminal like joppa doing all types of crime like chump doing crimes as he came out the fucking wounds you would add about somebody's. Crime portfolio really being diversified trump's sparring. Folio thinks he ads and everything. She's a crime to be done and will be of all me. He framed people for murder. You salted people. Money evaded taxes. He had faked charity of fake colin. How to tell you. This man has the most diverse crime portfolio. I've ever seen. He got that dp. Cadavers crime portfolio raw rounded when it comes to crime nobody's beating donald j. You know. I wish i could talk about it more. If he wasn't so damn evil. I would do more episodes on him because he's got so much crime in his pocket. He is an excellent scammer. And a warragul man. Yes like. there's no consequences for this shape because we don't allow for consequences -actly exactly and i just think we should be like a little consequence. I look. I'm not saying we need to kill politician. That's terrible the fbi fbi's like hello my door right now. Agent is going off right now. He literally is texas group challenge. Oh we got this bitch now. Finally raggedy home we wait. I slip up. I'm just saying like. I don't know maybe they can get a woman or something you know. Did you see a few pebbles adam. Azzam's they fuck up like you know in your home stay. I'm sure you're probably following how the democrats left the state so they won't have to vote on the restricted voting. Did you hear that. No this is the second time i've done that. But so this time. So there were supposed to have a vote. On like the restrictive voting laws that republicans and texts are trying to enact in order to disenfranchise poc poor people etc mainly democratic leaning voters. And so the democrats in the texas a legislature. Whatever they basically like hopped on a plane at the eleventh-hour and flutes fucking dc in order to not be present for the vote. Because you have to have a certain amount of people in order to even hold the boat the vote and so basically they. They kidnapped themselves. And like and got outta dodge so at the end they went to the they went to in order to like demand that the voting rights bills that are out there are actually passed. Because you know they're being affected out there and so anyway the point under the reason i brought that up is because in texas. There is a law on the books that you can arrest politicians for not showing up. And so they're basically trying to enact that like arresting these motherfuckers. You got some wild blue laws that are still on the books that texas wiles is fun. Dog learned about it. I'm like wow a very wild place you know. We used to be our own country and and we still bright flag which is very bizarre very bizarre that we prayed to fabric in general That we it's fabric that a nice little little white lady soda or back in the day and now we all gotta pray to it every day and we did. I remember coming up at school. We did the pledge allegiance every single day and then we did honor the texas flag. I pledge allegiance to the texas one and indivisible. Oh my god that's crazy. Gang gang and member the law and order sound comes in going. Wow that's wile. Texas like texas teaches a lot like texas history. You know you teach the history of your state absolutely texas after like went on a little too long. We all went to the movies to watch that movie. Alamo when it came out. Dan wit. To the alamo And really disappoint says. I grew my hearing about the alamo hag gotta remember it you know and you know what happened and david crockett and the rest of the girls and even though we lost that fight. That's the that's the weird thing about. The alamo is remembered alabama lose their. She was probably forgetting southerners. And losing battles and never forgetting. I gotta forget slavery. Though don't forget that we need to forgive slavery mccain for gay the confederates leg how we pose. Forgive slavery won't put that flag out. Okay leslie like the flag goes hidden in hand with the slave for read. We all know that right. Anybody okay like why can't black people just get over it. And then they're like waving a confederate flag bearing like like og confederate uniforms like. What are you what's happening here. And a statue of mr. Mr murderer their their favor. Idaho damn statues. Those god the fact that i just like the fact that people are so up in arms about these fucking statues coming down who gives a. We're on a tangent tangent but we just wanted to bring some live. I'll be russell needs that very dark scammer of the week but we do appreciate change the rest coming out in our scamming scam in two ways. 'cause we got to we add to. Yes the guys that brings us to the end of another episode scam. Got his pied. If you want to snitch on your friends and family just make sure your scam is retired. Scam got his potted gino dot com if you wanna find me d. a. l. e. c. on all platforms all episodes of a blacklist schedule which is now emmy.

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