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Like me. You're not a guy, huh? Do you know Isaac is addicted to moisturizers? Really? Okay, but is he a Sephora or an older guy? I say it he's also, I don't actually know knowing him he's got some more fancier. I have an alternative. He might be Neiman Marcus. Yeah. He might be sex with avenue type. Most of my Jack Black situation. I do not please do tell. Ex-girlfriend is when we drink when I mentioned the next girlfriend ex-girlfriend started Jack Black, this fantastic bend skin care company and she once sent me a care package and I'm addicted. Okay. Good. Good. Well, you know, I'll go between alter and Sephora. I don't have a lot of brand loyalty. I'll have to say, it depends where I am. And what is closest? So I'm very interested to learn about these techniques. That the CEO just spoke of to personalize and pinpoint and get some loyalty from a customer like me. I don't know how they do that. Cory, what is your next drill down? Let's look at radius health, big day for radius health. Radius health, it trades with the tik RD U.S.. Shares were up 17%, but for the last 12 months, shares were up 35%. Now what is the story with radius health? So raise health is a BioTech company that got a readout today read out being, of course, results from a trial. And the results were positive. They've got an experimental therapy called I'm going to say if I could say right, elect a strand, and it met its primary endpoint in a late stage trial for certain patients with breast cancer, 466 patients were in the study and they found that this treatment. Elect strand gotta hate these names of these drugs. Unless the strands, sure, okay, let's just drain. They've already gotten so it was interesting because they had out licenses already this Italian company marinara group, but a less became the first estrogen receptor degrader to show positive data against a standard of care, standard of care being what they would have done otherwise for ER positive her two negative advanced metastatic breast cancer. What is an estrogen receptor degrader? You might ask siobhan? Well, you did rate my mind, Cory, please. Please do tell. Well, I've actually done a lot of research for this on this topic. So let's review breast cancer. So there are three indications of cancerous tumors or cancer types of breast cancer. And this is for every stage of cancer. It's been stage one or you're all the way to stage four and it's spread throughout your body. The cancer cells itself have these characteristics and breast cancer. They may have any one of three categories of characterizations or all three or none of the three, but it will have an estrogen receptor. It would be E are positive, which are the cells the estrogen cells the receptors allow them to use the hormone estrogen to grow, so an anti estrogen hormone can block the growth of that cancer cell, or might have a progesterone receptor, same deal that grows with a progesterone on a naturally occurring thing in the body, but progesterone can lead to growth so slowing down the progesterone in a woman's body would slow down that kind of cancer cell or could have the her two gene. Her two positive cancers, they produce too much of a growth promoting protein called her two. So you could have estrogen receptor progesterone receptor and her two gene positive. You could have estrogen receptor positive. You could have estrogen receptor imagine a grid where you've sort of got any one of these possibilities in all of these possibilities. That dictates what kind of treatment can help deal with the breast cancer. So this elasti strand is for estrogen receptor positive and her two negative a certain type of breast cancer. And I can't remember how common that is. Goldman Sachs looked at this and said that this could mean it's going to be about a $400 million business for this company approved in a licensing deal up to 700 million to 70 million a year in revenues, but because they licensed this to Medina. They limited their downside, yes, but they also limited their upside. So on a day like today, the stock moved quite a bit, but they will not reap all the benefits from this positive study. They talked about that, the new CEO Kelly Martin talking about how they had a good partner in mantellini that had taken away some of the event risk. I don't know if they knew it would be so positive when the news came out today. But here's what he had to say about it a couple months ago. The last Australian is now partnered with our good partner menarini group from Italy. That transaction in my opinion last summer was the most important thing over the last 12 months that we got accomplished. We liked the space, meaning the breast cancer space. It is a crowded and sophisticated space. We do have with men and the lead molecule from a timeline point of view. And we would also characterize that data readout as upside to us given the transaction that we did last year, which took out the event risk for us. So I hope it also takes away a lot of the risk for the women suffering from this particular kind of cancer, this particular kind of breast cancer estrogen receptor positive her two negative type of breast cancer, scary stuff. I'm glad to have more help with them in the market. Couldn't agree more. All right, Cory, what is your next drill down? It's like a baker Hughes. Baker Hughes. It trades with the ticket bkr, shares were down 6%. But again, for the last 12 months, she has were up 86%. Now, what is the story with baker Hughes? Baker Hughes is a giant baker Hughes is by some counts the second largest Halliburton only has one of the largest oil field services company $28 billion revenue or $28 billion market cap for this company. But when you think oil services, you wouldn't think this company could get away with blaming semiconductor shortages or weak quarter, but they did. So let's talk about the quarter they reported the Q three overall pretty good from what I can see. Revenue is up 1% to $5.1 billion, profits of $8 million compared to a loss of the year before, about 200 million. But there are four segments, the smallest of which was really the victim of the semiconductor issue. But oil field services up 5%, turbo machinery and solutions, process solutions up 3%. Oil field equipment down 17% for obvious reasons, oil prices during the quarter and some hurricane stuff. But digital solutions up only 1.4% to $510 million. Yes, digital solutions is a business we might not think about when we think about baker Hughes, but very important for these guys. And it just has been a struggling business. And interestingly, again, they're focusing on the problem that semiconductors gave them and getting equipment in the field, slowing down their implementation of both equipment and the software behind it. Here's chief financial officer Brian worrell. We did see a few challenges in the quarter. And I'd say the supply chain is primarily focused around electrical component shortages, largely around semiconductors, boards and displays. That led to really some lower convertibility in the quarter. And there's real tightness in supply in that market. We did have a quality issue from one of our suppliers that came out late in the quarter. And with the tightness in the supply chain and then the supplier base, that typically could have been rectified within the quarter that is certainly had an impact and made some made.

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