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Recovering. Some survivors have filed a lawsuit seeking reparations from the state of Oklahoma and the city of Tulsa. Aisha Roscoe NPR NEWS The White House The Atlantic hurricane season begins today, and federal forecasters say it's again likelier to be busier than usual. NPR's Greg Allen reports. It follows a season that broke all records with 30 named Storms. No one says this year shouldn't produces. Many storms is last year because of La Nina climate pattern, which helps produce hurricanes. Has weakened in the Pacific, but water temperatures in the Atlantic are warmer than average and trade winds are weaker conditions that are conducive to hurricanes. Although the season begins today for the seventh year in a row, and Atlantic storm arrived early. Tropical Storm Anna brought wind and rain to Bermuda last month to help keep track of these early storms. The National Hurricane Center has begun issuing advisories in mid May, and after a year they used up all the designated storm names and forced forecasters to use letters of the Greek alphabet. The World Meteorological Organization has now developed a supplemental list of names for hurricanes. Greg Allen. NPR NEWS Miami Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center says that in the Pacific Ocean Tropical Storm Blanca has formed this is more than 600 miles south of the tip of Baja California. The storm's top sustained winds of 60 MPH. This is NPR news. Good morning. I'm Lisa Ray. Um, and this is W. ABC News Georgia Public Health Board is set to hold its first public meeting in more than a year today, but Sam Whitehead reports the covered 19 pandemic seems.

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