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Harry potter and the sacred texts. He's also ministry innovation fellow at harvard. Divinity school co founder of startup sake design lab a research and design consultancy working to create a culture of belonging becoming casper holds a masters of divinity in public policy from harvard university and before moving to the us he co-founded campaign boot camp in the uk. You've climate coalition. Both training and young activists casper lives with his husband in brooklyn new york and as i discovered when he was a guest in my podcast earlier. This year is a man of many hats. An avid singer and also an avid mario kart player though we have not yet had a chance to test our comparative skills against each other so casper welcome and if you could share with us briefly wire excited to be a part of this conversation in particular to have this conversation with erica. Thanks ben and hello everyone. Yes i am so thrilled to to not be alone. This evening. i think the evening we might be hearing some important news. And i'm particularly glad to be sharing this conversation with erica. Who someone who has been so steeped in both the church in politics and now at the cutting edge of culture and media may gang. I just find hut insights into thinking about how culture changes to be extremely important and just seeing things from a perspective. I often don't So i i really appreciate a louis them in her friendship. And i know you're going to fall in love with her as well so hands off. She's mine that's all. I'm gonna say one of the things that's important when we talk about What it means to unlock possibility to cultivate imaginative. Life is to remember that this is not just about coming up with a new strategic plan or to do list but this is a way that we open ourselves our bodies our hearts our emotions to new possibilities to expanding our frame and so we wanted to invite casper if you could. What can you offer us today to evoke our imaginations as we begin this conversation together so when when i was thinking about what might be a poem or piece of music. That could could get us in the mood. Both erica and i are fans of the cynthia. Ariba who liked myself is a brit But lives and works in america. And i think whether it's looking at the percentages of of who voted. Where when you look at racial demographics or whether you look at the long history The full slavery during slavery during jim crow and since then the continue to correction of people in america. I think it's particularly helpful to listen to black women when we think about imagining the future of about democratic state as in sectional theorist than say if we if a free than we are all free.

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