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So I'll just say, it's I guess I was gonna say. The eagles. I think in the bears beat the eagles. I think I do think the bears can beat any like. Yeah. If we're speaking honestly, the bears can beat any team period out of doubt. Yeah. It's just I I always the bears. I feel that I feel like they beat the eagles. So bears aside. I would say. Saints ravens rates weird, man. Playing like almost cheating. Listen, very cabinet quarterback. Now throws cheated in the NFL. It really is like it seating by. What are you doing? I watched that game because these guys are cheating. They're not playing real the Super Bowl is going is being determined by you and your deal with I had I had visions aroma pats. There's a bears. That it was like this is something that would happen to Dave four Dave four barstool. This go to the game. So. But I'm just saying the content. The and to be on the eagles. I'll tell you. What if it's eagles patriots? I will wear a one I always. Brady pull shirt. Maybe that. That's nonsense. That would big fucking with with Nick foles number on it. And be so fucking funny downhill shirts watching if big dick Nick could somehow win that game. Again, watching what Dave does content wise. It would be the greatest thing I've ever seen. I mean, you'd be devastated. Now as of says, you'd be you'd be in Smith's face walking gold, you we'd be like everyone would be each other's face. They'd be like we want to be like. Yeah. Because you fucking disrespected if either way I I would I would argue this is the most wide open playoffs. We've had. Patriots will like your team on both sides. You could make a case for him. Like I thought single team on the maybe the Texas team. I really honestly don't. Yeah. The colts have one nine and ten. To see hawks to the Seahawks. The Cowboys have a good defensive bears have the best. How the Cowboys in the Texans are both kids on. Put so then ten out of twelve know wide open wide open. But you're right. All years for the patriots to kind of have like patriots juggernauts. They're gonna roll through. I feel like they're doing everyone else plays to get to this point the whole season. The patriots season starts now. Like, we'll go last time. We'd be Baltimore. We're going to have like I know Belcher those plays like he had that Wyman trick played he's cheating. Not running. Yeah. All right. So that stars. We'll have that college in a surprise probably to nobody. We have Clemson Alabama you and I both lay Clemson to win that game. Right. Yes. I'm still six six points. Yeah. I think it was five and a half. Okay. But yes, I like, I actually think Clemson. I'm not just saying cover. I think they'd be out. But I wouldn't be shocked either the big stories of the bowl season. I guess Notre Dame getting blown out. I wrote a blog. I think they got join a conference because see I don't I don't agree because it's like you play. It was playing the results like the whole joy. Thing which by the way, I've become like public enemy number one of Georgia's Twitter somehow in the last week. I don't know how I base was like you guys aren't in it. Not in it. And they're like what they should be. We'll don't lose two games. I can't lose two games and the other tournament in the fun. I don't tax this. I so much on new Georgia would not show up. You can't come Bibo peeve that was down. And how about that one guy that came out? Lady at your trolling like, bro. If you don't go off of me, VO doesn't fifteen would be was on his deathbed. We bet on Texas against Oklahoma. And that was easiest better. That was a moment and remind must've after that, I will say even though I think Georgia didn't show up..

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