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He wanted Churchill downs leading every step of the way. Again, he wasn't facing the strongest field but for a horse that was debut in early June I thought that was a pretty solid effort and just seems like maybe step forward since then racing on a surface that might not be as preferred surface so I would definitely use him. And the other interesting horse is the number six, Bodenheimer a who won his debut at Canterbury Park just destroying a field by more than eleven lanes. He'd all too often see margins like that in five furlong turf sprints it's just shows the disparity equality but he between him and the rest of that field, we only gave that eighty six time formula speed figure. That's one that's I mean it's hard to critique the speed because nobody else has run back on the turf. But it's hard to know how good that field was. They came back on the dirt next time out, and this is actually ran pretty well setting a faster pace and just holding out against the tougher field. He really is ready to be more of a turf on the damn side. The one reservation I'd have about him stepping up in class that they're just is plenty of speed in this field as you mentioned. So he's going to have to deal with that, but this does have real quality. So I would use all four of these horses county final Bodenheimer around the two wards. I will just mention for remove on about that speed figure. It was the only turf sprint on the day So I don't believe any of the horses have run before maybe one horse had run, but it was on dirt. So there wasn't a whole lot to go on i. kind of had the look at the turf routes as well when you use the usual rate relationship between sprint some routes on the turf at Canterbury so it's no question. That's not the most solid speed figure ever going to say. Yeah, it's hard to know because there's just nothing to go out of that race. But if you watch the race to the horse was visually impressive and he looks like a horse with quality. So we'll see if he can handle the step up in class and if he's GonNa be a decent price. Onto the tenth race on this card that Kentucky Turf Upgrade Three event with a one million dollar purse going a mile and a half and the big favourite in here is going to be Zulu Alpha who just was on territory in the early part of this season winning the Pegasus World Cup turf winning the Mac. The Armada was upset in that pan-american off for a little while. But came back in July the alcorn and got back to his winning ways with an impressive victory from off the pace. If he runs his race, he's going to be pretty tough to beaten here. Yeah he also he won this race last year it was kind of it's coming out party, set him off the to better and bigger and better things earlier this year and you know no real knocks on him. He's clearly the horse to beat and I couldn't blame anybody that's singled i. very well may do the same just we'll see how scratches are and how it looks I think the obvious Horsey has the beat his our quo they seems like we talk about him at least once a month on this show, he keeps showing up these races, but he always gets bet he's usually disappoints a little bit but to his. Credit he has been second last year in this race and he wanted the year before. So he obviously likes the course and I'm not sure I'd want to get beat if he won this race in, get knocked out of a pick five for him..

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