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So I think it's as they look ahead is great. Roman looks ahead as they try to do this with Lamar Jackson Knight. I do think he is a top quarterback. But I just don't know if he's one of the five guys that I would want down by 14 points to bring my team back, and I think that's an element that you have to have in order to go on a Super Bowl run. No, I think you're right. I think when you look at like the top You know the teams that make it to a F C an NFC championship weekend, just looking at the balance that they have offensively you're not going to find one that is completely you know. One way versus you know a team that's the other way. Yes, people gonna talk about the Eagles in 2017 their past first offense, but they could run the ball when they had to the year that they went to the Super Bowl Buffalo tonight. Hasn't been running the ball all that effectively and, yeah, they haven't really needed to in spite of the weather conditions, But you know that they still can and you know that you have a quarterback who could help you in that element, But you have to be more balanced than that. Like that's way. You never understand teams that have with these philosophies of run first or pass first, like whatever happened to balance like, Because look at all those years of the Patriots went to the Super Bowl. Why did they do that? Because they were balancing and really good defense is That's the key. I mean, football is a complementary game. That's what that's what it takes in order to reach the postseason in order to get far in the postseason, and I think that that's still you know what the what the Ravens are trying to work through here, especially offensively because their defense I don't think that's really the issue like but offensively they've How to be able to figure that out. As Lemar Jackson gets you no further on it into his career, if when you especially now that we're gonna be heading into the offseason soon, probably for the Ravens. We think about a contract extension for him and what that entails. How much you'll get paid. All that is here. Franchise guy certainly is, but No. You don't want to waste those early years where this is certainly for someone who takes his many heads as he does, And you know is in that position where he is a very mobile but running quarterback. You've got to try toe preserve that longevity for us long as you can, and that involves a better passing attack. Ravens don't score on fourth and goal Buffalo takes over and they're gonna win this game and move on and eliminate the Baltimore Ravens out of the A F. C playoffs. It looks like 2 30 to go. Those have the ball up 17 to 3 and again. Lamar Jackson left this game early with a concussion and has been ruled out for the remainder of a game night. ESPN radio ESPN app. I'm Aaron Goldhammer with Courtney Cronin. You know what's crazy Courtney coming into this season. Off of his M V P year, everybody. Lamar Jackson is the quarterback you'd want out of the 2018 draft class. What's funny is at least going into tomorrow. The number one pick in the draft. Baker Mayfield is still in the playoffs. Josh Alan moves on to the A F C championship game. If you had to have one going forward for your franchise, take the money out of it. Take the contracts out of it. Lamar, Josh, Alan or Baker? Who would you want on Courtney Cronin's NFL team? That's I hate this question. Is it so hard? I would probably still go with Josh Alan. I mean, I know that I said Lamar, I thought that you know, he said they were my pick in this game, but Josh Alan, and the improvement he made from 2019 toe where he's at now, what did it take? Take it Take it took added Sto, adding could speak. Stefan digs into the mix for him, giving him more weapons on the outside. And all of a sudden he stepped up his game in terms of Q B. R in terms of accuracy, completion percentage the whole thing. And he's somebody who could scramble and he's somebody who's not afraid you can, you know, create design runs for take him out of the pocket. All of that. I think he's probably the most complete these. He's also got the most complete team. Minus the chiefs of any team that I'm looking at left in the A F. C playoff, So I'm going with the mark Jackson ever sees. I'm going with Josh Allen. Lamar Jax. You could make an argument for Baker Mayfield after you my number two just given Level of improvement that we saw from rookie year in 2018 with all those touchdowns and said the rookie record for passing touchdowns that year than you know, kind of the ups and downs and ups and downs and finally finding some stability. In that play Action offense with Kevin Stefanski and what he's been able to instill in 2020 season. I might take Lamar Third and this again is no insult to him in that group Also. Remember Baker Senso Del went down just before Halloween has 19 touchdown passes and one interception. He has been arguably during the second half of this season. Right there with Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in all of football. So it looks like the bill is going to advance the NFC Championship game. Courtney Trivia. The last time the Bills played in the A F. C championship, they played against the Kansas City Chiefs, and he guesses as to who the chief's quarterback was that day. Oh, man that's going to be. I think I was before I was born, So I honestly have no clue. Joe Montana was quarterback before I was part of the city Chiefs. The last time the bills played for Day F C championship, and it looks like They're going to do just that. Next Sunday. Coming up next l a season is Donna. Where to the Rams go from here. We debate. I'm Aaron Goldhammer with Courtney Cronus. 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