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Do we really need to be rehashing. The chameleon so well. I mean. I don't know if it's just a giant plot Okay spoilers i mean is his sisters his serene is she a chameleon. Yeah absolutely one hundred percent. I mean the way they're painting it. So what are they. Are they trying to wipe that from. Continuity can't leave many. We can't get rid of aunt may but he can't keep parents can't keep a sister trees the community say either that or one of those androids. The parents were will be redundant. I guess legally again difference with. Will we know ozzie. So the kamikaze will not allow it. And it's very happy. I was gonna say it can be a whole thing. She's either gonna die. It's going to be or. Ooh seek relief initiatives ben reilly after she turns into as the best reforms to the bay. Run out today is going to be one of those things where it's like all even though we're not blood i still consider you my sister. Yeah be something like that. With million million as avila never felt he buys vitamin universe she like if she embraces her chameleon this is going to have like a chameleon on his side. Now now now mer now psychics. Yeah it'll be taking a look like me. And he saved the secret innings again. Ben reilly also over. yeah. I don't work is great but i don't need. Another chameleon story ever sparked concerns more times the wait a couple years than trajan bucko i mean honestly completed at this point.

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