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Country music hall of fame it's three inductees for the year ap music correspondent marty zaraleta says some fans might have been assuming one of them had already been inducted dottie west will be inducted in the country music hall of fame and the veterans category ricky skaggs as the modern era inductee and fiddler bob kimball as the recording and or touring musician skaggs says it's a great honor and a great relief all my friends out there that think that thought that i was already a member of the of the hall of fame today makes it official the induction ceremony will be later this year in nashville i'm archie zaraleta after a former supreme court justices call for repealing the second amendment ap washington correspondent saga megani says the white house is reacting justice john paul stevens was on the losing side ten years ago when the high court held that the second amendment gives people the right to own a gun for self defense writing in the new york times stephen says that gave the nra immensely powerful propaganda weapon at repealing the second amendment now would hurt the nra's ability to block constructive gun control legislation the president and the administration so fully support the second amendment spokeswoman sarah sanders not long after the nra said it will unapologetically continue to fight to protect what it calls this fundamental freedom so saga megani at the white house porn star stormy daniels his lawyer wants to interview president donald trump and his attorney under oath ap washington correspondent saga megani reports if michael evan noughties motion excess full it could be the first time is sitting president has been deposed since bill clinton twenty years ago at nadi wants sworn testimony from both the president and lawyer michael cohen about a one hundred thirty thousand dollar payments daniels during the twenty sixteen election it's part of a nondisclosure agreements she's trying to invalidate after alleging she and the president had a sexual encounter avenue ati says the depositions are needed to establish whether the president knew about the payment and if he consented to it cohen's lawyer tells cbs avenues just trying to inflate his ego and keep himself relevant saga megani at the white house what a matter and what a te mike.

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