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That she's always wanted to do for some reason. She wanted a white Christmas. Tree, right. Yeah. Okay. So they have anything to draw from that. Or it's just it's a white tree. It's racist. It's racist. Now thought I would ask why why why can't be black? I mean, everything racist. Why can't it be like, for instance, and billiards when the white ball? It's the. Anyway. Sorry, go, I know. No. She always wanted to white Christmas tree because it's actually it looks really sophisticated. It does have one do you? Yeah. Yeah. I thought it was gonna be kinda corny in like kind of like, you know, trashy looking, but it sophistication the toppers like this white pointed cloth hat that goes. No, okay. Okay. I was gonna say I didn't know where you're going with that one. But it's very simple. You get the tree. It comes in three pieces. Right. You stack them. Yeah. And in literally, the the the fake leaves or whatever it's on hinges, and you just pull him down and you develop like flip up. Yup. Convenient. It's very convenient. But then in the main living room, we have a regular bigger. You know, traditional Christmas tree. So yes, we have two in my house where your house is. So big, no, you gotta have two point. Ascott walk into the foyer. Literally see both Christmas tree sitting on the couch. So it ain't bad look over. Right. Is right there. So no, it ain't we're not living like that befriend. You ain't got to lie, man. Everybody knows. We know you roll I roll I roll.

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