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Senate president's dan rosenberg just met with local media he says this has been one of the hardest things he's gone through personally and professionally he just spoke with reporters at the state house about the boston globe report claiming his husband groped in kissed men against their will wbz's lana jones is at the state house with the latest today laugh loria a very emotional senate president said he was shot afghan devastated by the allegations he said he is confident his husband wielded no influence over senate business and announced that a brian hafner would be seeking professional help for alcohol abuse rosenberg spoke for less than three minutes and took no questions the senate majority and minority leaders are currently arranging for an independent investigation into reports that hefner's sexually assaulted four men who had business before the senate that investigator will report to the senate ethics committee that whole process will be getting underway early next week at the state house lana jones wbz newsradio 1030 hardline a thank you president trump's former national security aide cuts a plea deal in connection with potential trump campaign collusion with russia the ap saga mougani says michael flynn could sing like a bird mike flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to fbi agents about his talks with russia's then us ambassador now saying a senior trump transition team member directed him last year to make contact with the russian officials former federal prosecutor david weinstein says flynn could now be a gold mine for special counsel bob muller's team is going to have information about conduct that occurred during the campaign before the election and after trump was elected and it took office flynn is the first person who worked here to plead guilty and the special counsel probe a white house lawyer says nothing about flynn's plea implicates anybody in the trump administration saga remain ghani at the white house simply means these karyn regal with.

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