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Thanos, Tyco, Five Minutes discussed on This Is Only A Test


I didn't i didn't take any of the i didn't really take any of the deaths on the chin not even low keys and lows you hard look comores both rough key idris elba yeah like i thought locals death wasn't legit locus death was was see i come out of the gate like i felt that vision was the toll my for not really vision was twice really rough his his his beloved killed him and then he was brought back to have his stone torn out of his head and when he turned to black and white oh slang lanc that was a nerve ing yup and vision and the scarlet which are you know so i did go back and watch civil war i didn't much age voltron i watched winter soldier again and i watched a bunch of the avengers store no oh god the last movie is so neuron times okay ragging wrong i saw three so funny now you realize that lately let's tyco did you whatever you want 'cause didn't there was going to kill them all in the first five minutes of this film that was really intense and i thought the opening of that film just opening on that destruction was super intense i thought thanos is for the children of feno so what's the children of thanos hasn't even law the four telling also actually they were they were really scary village i enjoyed how scary an awful so that like of all the marvel movies with the exception of maybe the ones that look the ones where loki was the villain strong villain all the rest of the marvel movies have kind of shitty villains.

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