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For the respiratory disease RSV can help apparently can apparently help unborn babies fight off the illness when their infants. That is coming from new research on pregnant mothers who received the shot. Pfizer says a large international study on its vaccine finds it is 82% effective at preventing severe cases of RSV in babies during the first months of life. And the vaccine still works months after that by being 69% effective at safely beating back the worst of the virus. Scientists plan to seek preliminary approval for the vaccine by the end of the year. Virginia native, David baldacci created the successful memory man book series and detective Amos decker returns in the 7th installment called long shadows. Amos decker was a professional football player, and then he suffered a traumatic brain injury on the field. It caused his brain to acquire two attributes. One is hyperthymesia, which is perfect recall. And the other one is synesthesia. It's a commingling of sensory pathways. So he sees dead bodies as an electric blue. David baldacci continues to follow Amos decker's journey from football player to policemen detective and FBI consultant. And this novel begins with a new partner out of the FBI office in Baltimore, and they butt heads immediately. The football backstory was inspired by his own Richmond, Virginia roots. The memories of Joe Gibbs and the hogs. I don't think even Amos decker was perfect memory could remember those. You are a full chat on my podcast beyond the fame. Jason fraley W two B news. If you're one of those dreaming of becoming a billionaire playing Powerball, it may be time to reconsider. You didn't win last night, but tomorrow's jackpot will be roughly $1.2 billion. The fourth largest in U.S. history, the new total is sky high because no one took home the behemoth prize. Halloween night last night. Massive lottery jackpots are more common these days because lottery officials have tweaked the game rules and ticket prices to pump up the top prices. Money news at 25 and 55. Here's Jeff claypot. Final two hours of trading for the day just to hit the dows down 88 points. Yes and P 500 is down 15. The NASDAQ is down 80 points, Uber drivers are busy again. Uber ended the quarter with a 124 million users up 14% from a year ago, it's still low lost $1.2 billion last quarter, a slowdown in home sales and a slowdown in new home construction hit Winchester, Virginia based treks, the maker of decking materials, cut production last quarter and laid off employees to adjust for falling sales, Delta Air Lines pilots have voted to strike if a contract talks don't lead to an agreement. There's no timeline for a potential strike. It would need federal national mediation board approval. American Airlines has offered pilots 12% raises, Jeff claypool, that will TLP news. One 56. Sarah, how many times have you

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